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Platinum and Strife downloads

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Hi all,

Just dropped two files in the download section. Platinum is a BRP derivative that is hacked to allow for easier conversion to and from other game systems and Strife is a big scalable wargame supplement/standalone wargame to be used with Platinum for battles of any scale.


Platinum is a set of D100 rules that was designed to be easily hacked with bits and pieces of other games. If you like something from another game, add it in or replace it. Take parts from Champions/Hero, Palladium, D20 and others. There is no reason to be limited in your creativity by being shackled to arbitrary rules.

These rules are a guideline, but this is not a narrative game, rules light or a story first system and has rules for many situations and campaign types. Extensive rules for skills, combat, experience, free-form magic and tools for various settings and worldbuilding are given in this book.  

Combined with its companion wargame Strife, you can play at any scale from individual to fleets of ships in the age of sail or prowling the vastness of space. Platinum is made to inspire you and guide you into creating the campaign that you and your players want.


Fast character creation with as much or as little customization as you want

Percentile based skill system

Classless system

Fast and lethal combat for characters and vehicles

Modular rules, use what you want, ignore what you don’t without changing the core gameplay

Easily conversion from and to other systems including Basic Roleplaying, Storyteller, D20, etc.

If you can describe it, you can build it

Designed to be combined with Strife, the Scalable Wargame


Strife is what happens when your PCs are in over their head. Are your PCs running from cybernetic assassins in a blacked out urban warzone? Do you need to simulate boarding actions for piracy in the Age of Sail? Do you need a narrative combat system as background for competing organized crime families? Recreating the Battle of the Bulge? Fleet actions in off the Shoulder of Orion? All of these are battles for you to fight and win with Strife, the Scalable Wargame.

Occupying the space between traditional roleplaying games and wargames, Strife allows your PCs to become the commanders of their troops and become responsible for every aspect of the war. No longer do PCs have to be content with a small corner of the battlefield when Strife allows PCs to master the entire war. Designed to be flexible in both scale and detail, Strife is made to simulate dungeon crawls, platoon battles in triple canopy jungle, campaigns between hundreds of thousands of troops lasting months and fleet actions over light seconds of space.

System agnostic, Strife can be used with any RPG or used as an alternative ruleset for any skirmish or wargame. This complementary game system is accomplished by having each layer of the game build upon previous layers. The simulation builds on the wargame, which builds on the narrative tool. There are also multiple options that are available to expand upon the gameplay for more detail or alternative mechanics. This array of tools is provided allow the GM to have as much, or as little detail as desired.


A setting agnostic rule set to simulate units from prehistory, fantasy, modern or science fiction

Scale agnostic and able to use almost miniatures or any scale of units or counters

A scale-based system for units, time and distance

3D combat using range, altitude and depth Unit skills determine how effective they are at battlefield tasks, not just their combat power

Tactical, Operational or Strategic scale

Hidden movement

Tactical Advantages

Morale and gaining a Moral Victory

NBC warfare

Fire Support

Weather and Terrain

Unit construction rules

A solo mode

Deliberately asymmetrical

Designed to be combined with the Platinum RPG


What this is not:

Balanced for tournament play


I hope that these files are of some use to someone on these forums.

Based on any feedback I get, I'll be making changes to the games as required to make them better. I have a big book of scenarios for Strife that has 42 scenarios throughout multiple times and settings if anyone wants it (Seven Years' War, WWII, fantasy invasions, superhero defense of Rio, cults in Johannesburg), but I didn't want to abuse Trifletraxor's storage. 


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