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  1. While I do think that the DB might be a bit high, when you watch melee weapons against ballistic gel or other testing mediums, a full power blow by a trained male seem to take limbs off pretty easily (1 or 2 hits) without armor. Forged in Fire comes to mind. Also, this interesting document of sword injuries: https://hemamisfits.com/2020/04/02/very-perilous-a-sword-wounds-compendium-by-the-surgeon-ravaton/ -STS
  2. He inspired me to do the 31 day challenge as well. Super fun and kinda stressful. I love watching John's channel. -STS
  3. I am ever so glad I bought Magic World the last time I saw it in print at a game store. Poor Magic World. -STS
  4. I just use D&D stats for ancient armor....and archaic weapons. I modify this based on youtube videos by Shadiversity, Skallagrim and Tod's Workshop as well as stuff from Forged in Fire or the Deadliest Warrior (when they had experiments). -STS
  5. Really? That is great to hear! -STS
  6. I really liked Magic World. It was my fervent hope that somehow, Magic World would become the "default fantasy game" instead of yet another edition of D&D. MW scratched the itch for a generic fantasy game that I could use for various purposes, specifically as a way to patch any holes in the eras for Cthulhu Through the Ages. I love the book. It isn't perfect, but as an intro to BRP fantasy, what more could people want? As for Chaosium, I am grateful that the company is still here and hopefully will be for a long time. Chaosium makes products I like and so I buy them. I am a
  7. Interesting take. The turn length is the issue, not the total time. I like this differentiation, and it better answers my question. Thanks. -STS
  8. Hmmm, so...I am lazy. I just converted Rifts to BRP and borrowed the Palladium megaverse and just added other stuff to that. That sounds pathetic -STS
  9. I did not know this. Thanks! -STS
  10. What is your preferred time spent per combat encounter in real time? Some games do combat encounters pretty quickly, such as Call of Cthulhu where combat is lethal and has a tendency to be very fast. Most combat encounters are 15 minutes max in my experience. This is what I really prefer...fast and deadly. This is one of the main draws for BRP to me...fast combat. On the other end we have games like D&D 3rd Edition where combat encounters can last hours. I can tolerate this only as long as my character can do something other than wait for my turn. Other games from fast to slo
  11. My family is my primary gaming group. Everyone takes turns GM their particular campaigns. We have played a lot of systems, but BRP is the one that my wife and I prefer. Our kids prefer "newer" systems, but BRP is definitely the system most used. Having the GM and campaign rotate is a great way to keep momentum going as well as giving people a break. Two or three sessions of one game, then switching really keeps the interest up in each campaign. -STS
  12. sladethesniper


    I love about 25% of their stuff, and really like another 25%. Like an old man, I think it was better before it was popular. -STS
  13. Ah, Coolness Under Fire...a much under rated mechanic! -STS
  14. This sounds like a very interesting setting. It will be making its way to my collection... -STS
  15. Same thing as asceticism, but instead of getting "magic" you get "psionic" abilities...not really a big mechanical difference, just a different descriptor. I don't really know if there would be different ascetic traditions for them, so to cover my bases, I am assuming they are different. -STS
  16. Well, I was meaning more things like a lot of vows, not just chilling in a tower focusing on eternity. Something like living only on bread and water, no sex, vows of poverty, etc. Thanks for the heads up on Mythras Lloyd and Ian. -STS
  17. Are there any rules or skills for religious or psionic asceticism anywhere? Thank you in advance. -STS
  18. I don't like simplistic morality. I liked having all the sides being both good and bad. Feels better, more natural, to me at least. Just like all Orcs are not evil, all Imperials are not evil (at least in my interpretation). As for Rey...well, she IS the grand-daughter of the most powerful Sith ever, who was literally going to possess her to continue his reign. She is supposed to be OP. Within the constraints of the universe, it made sense, to me. Finn was trying to tell Rey that he is Force Sensitive, and that he kinda has the hots for her...but then so does Poe...kinda. Instead o
  19. ?? I am assuming you want your antagonists to be non-sympathetic things to be mowed down with moral impunity? The FN storyline was kinda weak sauce in the last three flicks, but in Rogue One, you learn that the Rebellion are pretty much terrorists and murderers...but they were presented as the good guys in the other films (minus Rogue One). I don't know, I rather liked the fact that the Stormtroopers were humanized a bit. The fact is that there are several types of Clone/Stormtroopers...the Kaminoan clones, the Spaarti flash clones, the actual Stormtrooper Corps using Humans, then some nea
  20. Wow...gorgeous. More money for Chaosium. But so much happiness for me and the poor investigators who will be investigating. -STS
  21. The whole awaking thing leading to unseen wars feels like it was stolen by Mage: the Awakening. The OWOD Mage was great but the NWOD version feels like a Nephilium copy. Well, another way to play it would be similar to the tager idea in CthulhuTech. Instead of being taken over with no say in the matter, you could run it like the Nephilium has to be asked to be join with the human. That would be a good way to start the game off...a human is in a near death state and instead of death, the Nephilium could offer life at a cost. Alternate ways would be having to do a ritual to make a ba
  22. You actually have players that want to play Nephilim? Wow...That is so cool. I envy you. -STS
  23. I only own the core book, and while this might seem silly...was there more books produced for it (in English)? I have had the most luck in tying in the game as an "alternate" view of the world for my CoC games. As a stand alone game, I don't know anyone who played it...and I am the only person I know who even owns the book. -STS
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