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Special success query.


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Hi all

Still getting into the system and one of my players has asked me a question about special successes. This was an issue I was aware of and I intend to trawl through the errata/typos thread but this route might be quicker. Question here;

Under the attack/defence matrix it states a special hit does full damage plus rolled damage bonus plus appropriate special result. However when you read the description bit that explains in greater detail it’s only criticals that do maximum damage, under specials it says it does normal weapon damage plus the special effect. The example it gives is for an impaling weapon (a firearm) which would do 1d8 damage plus the impaling effect. It further goes on under the description of impaling on the following pages to give an example where a shortsword does 2d6+2 damage, not 7 damage plus 1d6+1.

As these are the examples that someone has given some thought to typing out, and there are two examples that agree I think that special hits do not do full damage but just normal damage plus damage bonus plus effect, and that the matrix contains a typo where the result has been copied from the critical result.

Have a look (pages 193 onward) and see what you think – it looks logical to me and stops impaling weapons from being the über-weapon of choice...

Thanks guys,


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Hi ragr,

please have a look here:

Errata and Clarifications

Definition of the term “FULL DAMAGE”. The term “full damage” crops up several times in the Attack & Defense Matrix. Precisely, it refers to “the damage which that type of attack would normally do”. It is not the same as “maximum damage”: a Greatsword “full damage” would be 2D8 on a normal success, 2D8 bleeding damage on a special success, and 16 damage ignoring armor on a critical success. Damage bonus in all cases is rolled and added afterwards. (Source: Jason, added by Sarah)

The Wiki also has an unofficial Errata and Clarifications section that deals with additional questions. :)

Unofficial Errata and Clarifications

Hope that solves your issue.


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no worries, mate. I re-find stuff in the book all the time. Good thing is, other people seem to forget it as well, so it does not hamper the fun during gameplay ... ;) Last time it was the Volley Fire rules which I put up into the WiKi myself - you simply cannot have every rule in your mind all the time. ;t)

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