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Celestial Empire erratum

Leo Fultz

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i noticed an error in Celestial Empire in the Appendix (p. 128), concerning Dragon Lines.

From Chapter 2, Characters:

3rd entry — Significant Events of Adulthood — reads the same as the previous entry (Significant Events of Childhood).

Problem is #'s 7 & 8 are different in both section. While Reliquary & Illness aren't even mentioned under Adult Events.

Therefore, should this entry be ignored, or are there other conditions (boons / perks, etc.)?

i mention this because i want my characters to have ALL possible bonuses from the various RPG's that i have.:)

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I am so sorry, this is an example of bad copy 'n paste :td:

The section should've read as follows:

From chapter Two, Characters:

After all, even in an historical role-game, heroes are supposed to be different. The GM may assign each player a table to roll from once to add a special background to their characters, from among the following ones:

  • Upbringing (p.6) – with the following modifications: item No.8 On Holy Ground gives the PC the power to detect proximity of a temple within his CON in ; item No.9 Haunted gives the PC the power to detect proximity of a guǐ-monster within his POW in metres.
  • Significant Events of Childhood (p.6) – with the following modifications: item No.7 Reliquary gives the PC access to a talisman/amulet; item No.8 Illness gives the PC the following power: having survived that particular disease, the PC is now immune to it.
  • Significant Events of Adulthood-Normal (p.7) – with the following modifications: item No.6 Incarceration means that the PC has been sent as a conscript to a far frontier of the Celestial Empire to avoid being jailed, as a result, he has access to martial skills learnt there; item No.9 Conspiracy: the GM should secretly devise which secret society (from the 'Sects and Organisations' Chapter) the PC has become entangled with.

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