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Ruins by the Stream


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So, I'm still working on my Marshedge adventure and gazetteer, and I've started making maps of both the Lismelder territory and the Marshedge clan territory specifically.  I want to include a brief description of each location on the maps, similar to the descriptions of the locations near Jonstown in the Starter Set.  However, there are two ruins near the Lismelder lands that appear on several maps but that I can't find any descriptions of anywhere.  I've circled them below on an excerpt from a map from the Starter Set:


Does anyone know if there's any information anywhere about these two ruins?  If not, of course, I have no problem with making something up myself, but I wanted to check first to see if there's already been something established about them that I shouldn't contradict.


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One of them is detailed in The Ruin on the Stream, Pegasus Plateau, pp.113

I used it in my 13th Age Glorantha campaign with some success, because one PC has the Dragonewt rune. 


While there is not much known to the world at large about this location, the Ruin can be found approximately 13 kilometers (8 miles) downstream from the marketplace of Quackford and approximately 6.5 kilometers (4 miles) from the Old Elf Ruins.


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