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    Started in 1981 with D&D, then Traveller, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, and so on.
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    13th Age, 13th Age in Glorantha, Trail of Cthulhu, Fantasy AGE, etc.,
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    I play online with Roll20 mostly these days.

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  1. Just to give everyone a spot of context, in 13th Age the Tarrasque is a Huge 15th level wrecker [beast], where huge = triple-strength. 😉
  2. Every PC in 13th Age Glorantha has a good chance of doing a Heroic Return, and the chance gets better at champion tier & epic tier. So far I haven’t needed to use these rules, because killing PCs in a 13th Age game is really hard, even with a Triple Strength fight!
  3. The Famished Crimson Bat is a Quintuple-strength 15th level Spoiler [Chaos Beast] in 13th Age Glorantha. I’d have to do the battle building math by hand, but it’s not insurmountable to a larger party of 10th level PCs. It’s accompanied by Bat Lords & Bat Priests (10th level) & Vicious Chaos Lice (9th level), to help make the fight varied & interesting.
  4. Many years ago on a RuneQuest mailing list I pointed out that gorp are much like Chaos elementals rather than living creatures.
  5. I'm a Roll20 Pro subscriber, and I use the Mods system to automate the monsters in my 13th Age Glorantha game (ScriptCards), and to make setting conditions quickly and consistently (TokenMod). Otherwise the Transmogrifier is the Pro feature I use the most, because I can set up Library games for monsters, maps, etc., and keep my active games small & tidy. This used to be more important before they implemented more dynamic loading. For example, I have a 13G Library game with a complete bestiary ready to go.
  6. They appear in The Ruins of Bonn Kanach by Michael Paul O'Sullivan in the Jonstown Compendium. My 13th Age Glorantha players enjoyed meeting & befriending them.
  7. Forgotten? By whom? Australia hasn't forgotten it, we call it a Woomera. The big missile range in South Australia is named after it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woomera%2C_South_Australia
  8. I always appreciate the pseudo-Latinate names because I can look that up and get a good idea what the creature is in the absence of good artwork. Insert rant about a RuneQuest Renaissance adventure that used a “mud shark” with no artwork. Decades later I learned it was a Temnospondyli of some sort. 😉
  9. The RQG Bestiary mentions the genus Brontornis
  10. I’m recruiting players again because we’ve shrunk to the quorum of 2 again, so if 1 person can’t attend we have to cancel. 😩 The schedule and details above are unchanged. The current roster is an Uz Monk and a Human Wizard.
  11. See Rewards of Experience: The Investigator Development Phase on p.94 of Call of Cthulhu Core rules. It’s exactly what you would expect for a BRP based game. 😉
  12. Not published, but a SydCon RQ adventure from the late 1980s was a team of heroes returning with the Pseudo-Cosmic Egg (a Soviet RDS-1). I asked my GM, Luke Kendall, if I could get a copy when we worked together at CISRA in the 1990-2010 years.
  13. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. There’s so many examples of systems working with Glorantha.
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