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  1. I'm still recruiting more players! 13th Age Glorantha, 3rd level party of Storm Bull, Rebel, and Zorak Zorani needs you!
  2. The Guide to Glorantha is a 2 volume, 800 page encyclopaedia. The Glorantha Sourcebook is a 1 volume, 220 page introduction. I backed both of them on Kickstarter or equivalent for AU$100 (a Melba) each so you should get them both eventually, but I recommend getting the Glorantha Sourcebook first. Other opinions are available. 😉
  3. I suggest checking out Drachinifel on YouTube. Naval historiography.
  4. I have the Red Book of Magic on pre-order at my FLGS, Games Paradise in Pitt St, Sydney. 😇
  5. One of the PCs in my 13th Age Glorantha campaign has a “Mountain Runner” Background, so I’m going to start using these very soon.
  6. I’ll be buying the Starter Set even though I started in 1981 and RQ2 was my 2nd RPG purchase after Traveller. 😉 I can’t promise I won’t decide at the last minute to buy the PDF only as I did with RQ Classic.
  7. I am so stealing this for my 13th Age Glorantha game.
  8. See The Guide to Glorantha p.247 … The Larnstings are Orlanthi who can invoke Change and can master the changes created by their very presence. They do not offer sacrifices to Larnste, summon wind spirits, or use wizardry – instead, their very breath knows how to speak the words of power without instruction. Collectively, the Larnstings are a weird brotherhood of magicians who appear, disappear, and reappear throughout history. Their numbers, role, and even powers constantly change and they defy categorization or definition. Sometimes they seem to lead the Hendriki, sometimes that tr
  9. The picture Yelm Entertains the Lords of the World on p.95 of The Glorantha Sourcebook depicts Shargash with spear and mace.
  10. One of my players has had to drop out because Real Life means he can't make the game time. So I'm recruiting more players again. Please follow the LFG link in the first post and post in the Recruitment Thread there. Now at 3rd level with 17 adventures done.
  11. The Guide to Glorantha says Ironhoof, Lord of Beast Valley: The demigod ruler of the Beast Men has reappeared several times throughout – and even before – history, most recently in 1615. He created the Grazeland Pony Breeders and was the first sacred King of Dragon Pass. Ironhoof is a centaur and lord of all horses. In my 13th Age Glorantha campaign Ironhoof is about, but the PCs are in the Castle of Lead right now. Maybe they’ll get to Duck Point and Beast Valley next.
  12. Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce. 😉 Australia has this problem to this very day. We do have some standard gauge railways interstate, now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rail_gauge_in_Australia
  13. In the HeroQuest Greydogs campaign David Hall ran in Sydney, Branduan was a figure of fun.
  14. IIRC Sun County mentioned Pent Ridge. The HeroQuest: Glorantha book Pavis: Gateway to Adventure includes the Salt Mines of the Big Rubble from pp.335
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