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  1. I think they've rumbled us. — Sgt Wilson
  2. All of whom wear neck scarves, no doubt.
  3. Uleria and the Boggles springs to mind immediately.
  4. There’s no Time in there. If you are following a well known and familiar path, you may return to the place you left after a reasonable time has elapsed. If you a trying an unfamiliar or broken myth, etc., you may return somewhere and sometime unpredictable. For example, I played a HeroQuest at a SydCon long ago where a party of 1st Age heroes went to revive a god and returned with the pseudo-cosmic egg. 😉
  5. 13th Age Glorantha says Air Alone The forests around this recently built small city have always been deep, menacing, and rumbled by giants. The farmers of the area tried ingenious tricks like spiked-trap cottages to impale the feet of the stupider stomp-happy giants. There's no telling what the war has done to the area, but if you have adventurers who are interested in innovating ingenious methods of combating giant monsters, this could be the place. In my campaign, the Earth Priestess was from Alone, and they returned there to rescue the kidnapped children in The Hollow
  6. I’ve got a new PC in my 13th Age Glorantha game who’s an Uz Monk of the Skyriver Titan temple at Crabtown, and I’m wondering if we know the Uz name of the god called Engizi by the Heortlings? I’ve collected material for this player about his god and hometown from my RQC, HQG, etc., PDFs. I’ve got runes, a few myths, mostly from the Heortling viewpoint.
  7. I’m pleased to report I have new players: a Hell Mother and a Monk from the Skyriver Titan temple in Crabtown, both Uz.
  8. I believe the morokanth diet is the same as the other Praxian tribes but heavily slanted to the vegetarian option. I quote: The morokanth are primarily vegetarians but do eat herd-men as part of their religious practice. — RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary, p.51
  9. In 17 sessions of my campaign I have come close to killing a PC exactly once, when the Earth Priestess was unprotected and was charged by a Tusk Rider. The player thought it was an auto-kill until they remembered an ability that forced a re-roll and turned a crit into a normal hit. Phew! 😉 So don't worry about the "low" AC numbers. 13th Age PCs are hard to kill, easier to knock down.
  10. Typically? Orlanth for men, Ernalda for women.
  11. I think average stats is your problem. Try again using the array recommended in 13G p.24 Otherwise you could post the ability scores and I can check it for you. The basic AC for a 1st level foe should be 17 as detailed in 13th Age p.254 so lower AC for Orlanthi Bandit (mook) and Newtling Juvenile (weakling) looks good.
  12. Has everyone forgotten the Broo Depressed String Quartet?
  13. If you are just starting, I recommend you just buy the new RQ:G products. The RQC products will be there waiting for you, and because they're POD you can't miss out on the print versions. You can pick them up when you are familiar with Glorantha. I got them all in print when they came out, so my RQC purchases are all PDFs.
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