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    Started in 1981 with D&D, then Traveller, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, and so on.
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    13th Age, 13th Age in Glorantha, Trail of Cthulhu, Fantasy AGE, etc.,
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  1. Whereas I've bought it 4 times. Once for my nephew's iPhone when it was released for iOS, and 3 times for myself on iPad, Android phone, and Steam in 2015. I haven't even installed Steam. 😉 King of Dragon Pass prompted my purchase of an iPad.
  2. I’m happy to report that the Jack O’Bear encounter was a success. It took me a whole Tuesday evening to get the Unpredictable Attacks to work with the Powercards API script in Roll20. In play it was fun, and Corner of the Eye was triggered by Oracle’s Alynx Companion, so we got to see both attacks.
  3. Has anyone mentioned “Parm” Cove? Despite Chicken Parmigiana being really popular pub food, we didn’t name a bay in Sydney town after it. 😉 That’s Farm Cove. Benelong Point has a tram depot on it until it’s replaced by the Nun’s Scrum.
  4. Yes. Please follow the link in the first post and post in the Recruitment thread. I'll invite you to the game and invite you to the Discord channel.
  5. It's an Umathela thing, in Pamaltela. See Guide to Glorantha pp.622 The Wordless Prophet appeared in Varburch in 1129.
  6. I'd like to recruit some new players in 2021. Our Wind Lord is about to leave us because of a new work schedule. We're about to go into Dagori Inkarth if that piques your interest. Chaos Rises!
  7. I didn't include them in the Glorantha Runes Roll20 Token Markers I created because I didn't need them for 13th Age Glorantha. I can make another version with them included if they're wanted.
  8. Traveller was the first RPG I bought in 1981, though I was already playing D&D by then. I read it and tried some systems, but I didn’t try running it until I had an adventure, Annic Nova, to run. The most fun I’ve had playing Traveller was a 3 day free form at a Canberra convention in the mid- to late- 1980s that was co-written by Garth Nix, the author.
  9. I remember someone mentioning years ago on the Glorantha mailing list that Sartar was doing Issaries heroquests.
  10. RuneQuest Classic TrollPak? It’s a classic.
  11. Have you looked at the King of Dragon Pass wiki? https://kingofdragonpass.fandom.com/wiki/King_of_Dragon_Pass_Wiki In particular, there's a list of all the clans, https://kingofdragonpass.fandom.com/wiki/Orlanthi_Clans_in_Dragon_Pass
  12. <waves excitedly> Please pass on “G’day, mate!” to David Hall from Brian, Tom, and me. (He was running us through the Greydogs in HeroQuest 2)
  13. I remember someone somewhere described it as resembling the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana, USA.
  14. Fading out like a video game is dream dragon corpses, but very slowly.
  15. If you find something humanoid but mineral in a Dwarf ruin you have found a Jolanti. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
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