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Ontuli Caverns & Grub Farm

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Does anyone know anything about the Ontuli Caverns which holds a Mammoth Troll Skull. Minaryth Purple needs guards while conducting his field study into Dagori Inkarth there... what year might this have happened if anyone ventures to guess? Uz Lore p.51

If we make it pre Sartar Invasion it'll be easier to travel to-from and it makes sense that Min P. is still out and about in the field in his younger days? Amandhall is a good stopping point..

From Jonsotown with Min P its about 23 miles to Wark's Hotel, another 23 to Alone and another 15 to Amadhall. With the leg from Alone to Amandhall going a bit slower. The same amount of time gets them to Grub Farm and the last day to the caverns with time to set up camp, possibly inside the caverns?

I am guessing a walking pace with pack animals its a 10-12 hour day to walk the 23 miles with a few stops for water and food... guessing minimum, of 9 days with an extra day for markets at each stop or possibly 2 days at each it if the trading is going well, so up to say 15 days. Jon Mith needs to get a caravan to Grub Farm and the archeological search in the caverns is an extension of that effort for Min P?

Royal Jelly anyone? Into Troll Realms p.28-35


Amadhall - Source: Wyrms Footnotes #15 Home of the Amad tribe. It has four tall fire towers dedicated to Elmal.




image.png.9b0649a59fd587a3efcca4f18aa5df3f.png image.png.a2d70956dc1375c9b8bc6fc4efebfb71.png

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