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The Book of Feasts + The Pentecost Round Table = Confusion?

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I'm thinking of having a proper five-round Pentecost feast, but of course I want to use the Book of Feasts.

At the same time, the Round Table, at which all seated are equal, seems to wreak havoc with the whole "above/at/below the salt" breakdown in BoF.  Nonetheless, I'm sure there's seating somewhere near Arthur, if not at the table, for visiting dignitaries and the like.

My thought is to create a special "Round Table" category. Knights of the Round Table are always effectively "above the salt," but there's also so many of them that it becomes possible for them to pursue the activities at lower levels, such as drawing cards, gaming, etc.

How would you handle this situation?

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1 hour ago, SaxBasilisk said:

How would you handle this situation?

Not sure if it is canon, but I always imagined the Public Pentecostal Feast that often gets rudely interrupted by various challengers or quest givers as separate from the Round Table Only Feast (which would use the Round Table, the Public Feast does not, IMC). Happening on different days, too.

Basically, the Round Table is in its own Hall, and used for the gatherings of the Round Table, not that of the general Court. Think it as more of a boardroom or a meeting room. (Edit: I just checked The Boy King, and yes, it does mention that the King's Court is on a different floor than the Round Table Chamber.)

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