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Directing the Game: Glorantha edition


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Jussi Löytökorpi is a Finnish GM analyst. He has written a book called "Directing the Game – Black Belt Techniques for GMs", where he lists 30 techniques for advanced GMs to help spice up your game. Jussi visited us in the "Daytazarin tähtien alla" podcast where we had a lengthy discussion on how to improve the Glorantha vibes on the table so that playing in Glorantha doesn't feel like just another generic fantasy game. It was a good discussion but unfortunately, for the rest of the world, it was in Finnish.

Still, we decided to distill our talking points and findings into this PDF. It can give you some ideas on how to get more Glorantha into the narration of the game. Some might seem self-evident for seasoned Glorantha GMs but hopefully, it will give you some food for your brain. If you want to see the techniques in more detail I can highly recommend Jussi's book. It is more of a coffee table book where you can pick a technique to try out in your next game to see what kind of an effect it has on the game. 

You could say this PDF is the official Glorantha extension to Jussi's book.

Check out the PDF attached to this topic and Jussi's book in DriveThruRPG (this is an affiliate link that helps our podcast, thank you)


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