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  1. I rather tought that the adult initiation took place at "clan level".
  2. Have a look to this content comparison to the Glorantha Sourcebook with the Guide to Glorantha.
  3. Maps ! And detailled informations about Jonstown with awesome drawings ! 🤩
  4. And the Lorthing clan of the Culbrea tribe settled in the Moaning Valley and in Jarolar Keep.
  5. I wonder what "-plose" means in Kaxtorplose. Could it be a rough anagram for polis ?
  6. There are Mountain Lions in Dragon Pass according to Sartar Companion (Encounter 40a). The text states they cannot roar and they are amazing leapers !
  7. Yes, he did. "His second miracle was when he caused some small, silver fish from a stream to grow wings and other parts and live in the air. From more than a foot away they appeared to be insects, and they served as familiars to Sartar." (KoS).
  8. I may misinterpret your bold prints, jajagappa, but the Greenhaft clan no longer belongs to Culbrea tribe in these times (see Coming Storm, p. 94). On the contrary, the Elk clan, settled in Elkenvale, is one of the Culbrea's, as far as I know.
  9. Yes, I read it but believed Nick was talking about another article. Sorry for that.
  10. On your site, you refer to a Q&A explanation of the origins of Yelmalio but the page, on glorantha.com, doesn't exist anymore and I didn't find it on the Well of Daliath. Do you know where I can read it ?
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