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Combat Question Probably Asked Before....

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Hello all:

Just a quick combat related question that I'm sure has been asked before, but my oversight, and/or laziness missed. With Critical and Special Successes. With Critical Successes the damage is full and db is rolled normally and it bypasses armor. With Special Successes, armor is counted normally and the weapon's special ability is performed (bleeding, impaling, etc.). So the question is: Do the weapon's special ability come into play during a Critical Success as well, or only a Special Success? Is it a balance of well the armor is not counted, so it's a free damage ride?

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Special results only come into play if you get a Critical against an unarmoured opponent. The BGB says this on the matter (pg 192):

GM NOTE: Game masters should allow characters to inflict a special success...upon a foe in place of a critical success if the foe is unarmored.

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Specials dont stack with Criticals. When you land a Critical the weapons Special ability (impaling,crushing etc.) doesnt apply. You can land Specials on armored opponents...but if they are unarmored you may want to do a Special instead of a Crit since there is no armor to be ignored. I let my players choose to do Specials inplace of Crits even on armored foes....but people rarely do since they want to bypass the armor instead.

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