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Problems with 7th ed downloaded PDF character sheets


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I dunno if there's a better place to report this stuff, but I haven't found one after searching.

Just downloaded the 7th ed character sheets, trying to fill in the color 1920s sheet for one of my players, and noticed the following:

1) No "Operate Heavy Machinery" skill printed on sheet (can be worked around of course).

2) Cannot fill in brawl skill (form field not there).

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Brawl - the form field is in the main skill listings - filling in a value in Fighting (Brawl) - under Fast Talk in the skill list - auto-populates the Brawl in the Combat section below. Same for Dodge. 

There is no Operate Heavy Machinery on the sheet - it's an uncommon skill in gameplay, so should be handwritten on the blank skills at the end of the skill list. 




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