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Magic Points?

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Hullo, folks,

A bit confused about something...

I've noticed with various pre-generated characters for the game that some characters get Magic Points, but others don't seem to have them.

So...  When players generate characters, do they all get starting Magic Points regardless of whether they are practitioners?

Thanks, in advance. 🙂

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Hullo, jp1885,

That's what I thought as well, and yet the four mundane pre-generated characters at the back of the book don't get Magic Points. 

Furthermore, on page 54, under Investigators with Magic, that is the only part of character creation that mentions how many Magic Points the character receives - when creating a practitioner. 

That's why I wondered whether characters who don't take the Magical Advantage don't start with Magic Points.


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I wonder if it's because in other Chaosium games you resist spells with both magic point vs magic point rolls and POW vs POW rolls on the resistance table, depending on the spell. So even characters without magic needed to track their magic points.

In Rivers of London it doesn't matter because POW rolls are used to resist spells and magical effects. I had some big feelings when I saw the resistance table wasn't present in the game.

I'll probably not write down the magic points for non-practitioners and only record them if they save their development points and buy the Magical advantage (as per jp1885).

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Hello, jp1885, Greville,

Since resisting spells and magical effects uses POW in the game, it's kind of obvious to me that normal folks and players who are non-practitioners don't have Magic Points.  If the player buys the Magical Advantage later on once play has started, then I'll give them the Magic Points at that time. 

That's what makes sense to me, and that's what I'll go with.

(Though I do with that either Paul or Lynne would poke their heads in here, and clarify the matter. ) 🙂

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