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Stats for punch-dagger/katar?

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According to Wikipedia, for what it's worth, katara had broad blades that were usually 1 to 3 feet long. The BRP equipment chapter describes weapons as follows:

Dagger: up to 40 cm

Short sword: around .5 m

Broad sword: around 1 m

The katara would then range in size from dagger to broad sword. The "easiest" thing would be to just use the stats for those three weapons, depending on the length of the katara.

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Off the top of my head I'd suggest something like this:

Katar or punch dagger

Damage 1d4+2

Hit points, Enc and stuff: as a dagger

Skill: Dagger (or Brawling)

Advantages: Mail armor blocks half AP

Drawbacks: -10 or 20 to parry, cannot be thrown

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