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Number of Knights and Hides per Lord

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Looking at the old Pendragon rules for 1E, it starts by saying a Bachelor knight has 2 hides. A Banneret has a minimum of 10 hides (plus 3d6 personal) and 4 knights (himself included) and a Baron has a minimum of 44 hides (excluding personal) 10 knights (including himself). But by the end they say a King has around 416 hides (excluding personal) and 100 knights. So somewhere the ratios begin to change and I can't seem to find any guidance in the rules.
Does anyone have any advice?

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I don't think there was any guidance until BotE/W, Greg just had some values that he thought were OK.

There is also the fact that pretty much until BotE, there was 'money you don't see', and all that was being tracked was the knightly expenses. Thus, in order for a higher noble to really live up well (pay for tournaments, the larger court of retainers and hangers on), he needed to have more lands proportionally than a mere bachelor knight.

We can go through the Baron:
Personal minimum expense 26 L, and since 1 hide = 1 L, this is 26 hides.
Supporting 9 bachelor knights at 2 hides each = 18 hides.
26 + 18 = 44 hides, the minimum.

The same minimum calculation holds for a King:
216 L personal expense + 200 L for 100 knights = 416 hides minimum.

So it is not the lands per knight that changes, but the overhead to support the nobleman, his family and retainers.

Where did you get the 3d6 personal? All I am seeing in the Noble's Book is that the Banneret is spending 10 L on personal expense, and while he must lead at least 3 other knights on the battlefield. Given that the ransom is 16L, I think it should have said that the Banneret's minimum holding needs to be 16 hides (10L personal + 3 other knights at 2L each), since then it matches with the other ransom minimums.

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On page 43 of the Nobles book, when it discusses generating random fiefs, it lists the rolls form the personal demesne on top of the roll for the different numbers of hydes and other income sources. For a Banneret it's 3d6.

Which is reflected in the random lists of Banneret holings which the average is around 13L in size over the minium of 10 and where it lists 10 Knight holdings, it lists demesne amoung them with Barons adding another 1d6+10 hides, but not mentioning if they are demesne.

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