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[RetroQuest] RetroQuest 1st Edition

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On downloads now!


Ok, here's the 1st edition of RetroQuest, ironed out and hopefully with less bugs. The game is based on GORE, but it's as light as possible while keeping a gritty (but still heroic) style. Includes the core rules for a simple fantasy game set in glorantha or any other world you like!!!


  • Very simple D100 engine (7 classic stats, 3 attributes, 9 basic skills and 9 advanced skills!)

  • Deadly and fast combat (no more endless parry!)

  • Close to 0 bookkeeping (you need only track Hit Points!)

  • Streamlined rules for a quick-paced game

Coming Soon:

  • RetroQuest - Character Sheet

  • RetroQuest - Magic Book (draft almost done)

  • RetroQuest - Creatures Book (low priority, you can use any BRP/D100 creatures)

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