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  1. I don't allow pow vs pow with dullblade. You cast it and it works, unless the weapon as a spirit on it. And it doesn't affect the character. The weapon is -damage and -%, if the character throws the weapon and picks another they don't get any -% or -damage
  2. Meanwhile I'm playing without enchants (#TeamRQclassic). I'm not a monster though, i give them rune points as per RQG, and some other stuff (like 1 skill per weapon, etc)
  3. What you describe is a magic spirit. Int spirits (and spirits in classic) do not cast magic, they are reservoirs of INT/POW. In classic the spirit only served as mp/int storage. They were "free" to bind (you needed a cult animal or spirit crystal, and maybe you died trying to fight the spirit). There is no "control" spell for classic. In rq3 they were the same, only that the was a specific spirit for int (1d6 int) and a specific spirit for pow (2d6+3). They were 2 and 1 pow, and pretty harmless to fight. So, matrix is 1 pow/spell point, bound int spirit is 2 points for 1-6
  4. Yes, so much this. Like, some people do them to free int/cha or to pass around the spell. I'm shocked they spend 5+ pow (some even spent 10+?) For a spirit matrix... Imho no spirit spell is worth POW; my players always used spirits or just picked their spells more carefully If they didn't have access to.
  5. Hi guys, i have a question: Has any of your PCs, ever, spent pow in making a spirit magic matrix? If so, why? Also, I'd like to hear about your PCs self-made enchants, please share!
  6. We used that rules back in the 90s (for rune levels only) but i must admit it was a totally murder hobo campaign and we glossed over cult time requirements. Heck the group didnt even have a community until the campaign was like 10 years on. Cult stuff happened offscreen and maybe there was a ceremony roll or something. Still had the fun of my life btw. Anyway, you just changed the way i play Runequest!! 💕 Thank thee *so friggin much* i guess I'll scrap the travels and just let them train and do social stuff at the fort while i come up with some duck stuff and foreshadow the kidnappin
  7. The humakti is going to tourney altar because daine (who is a full runelord not former) is going and it's taking the groups Humakti with him. In the future ceremonies may me narrated/abstracted but this is the first one and gods/ceremonies/cult and community stuff is more important than killing some random ducks noone mentioned before. Also the duke is an (evil) orlanthi petty king that totally gave up his god for a piece of worthless land in nowhere, prax and allying the ducks in some way is totally something i see happening. And the yerlornan needs to attend the seasonal worship ceremo
  8. It's the seasonal holy day and initiates need to do initiate stuff, like recover rune magic and actually interact with other cultists. Both places are quite close afaik, why wouldn't they go?
  9. So, this is the deal: after the next session the group should finish "scouting the land" from borderlands & beyond, and both the Humakti and Yerlornan will have 6 days until their holy day (fire season/death week/fire day). So I'll have to split the party (fml) and they will have to head to tourney altar and the big rubble respectively. I plan on rolling random encounters for their journey (maybe i finally get to kill someone for butchering my deinonychii); after that i need to actually do the festivities. Any ideas are welcomed. For the Humakti I'm thinking ritual duel (I'l
  10. Tell that to the enemy that just sent your brain flying out the newly made crack in your skull because you had -20 extra to parry 😁
  11. I started running borderlands yesterday and... MAN WHAT A GREAT SESSION!!! The adventurers are a Yerlornan from the unicorn people, a Humakti berserker from (somewhere in dragon pass) and a Lhankor Mhy from Pavis. The 4th player couldn't make it this week sadly. Players were new to Glorantha and Runequest, with only DnD experience. I just pulled the OG map of Prax and started telling them how it was the holy land and a paradise, but then the storm god murdered the sun and... Well you guys know how the story goes. The players got hooked instantly and I couldn't have been happier!
  12. I'm skipping gringle's (griswold's 🤣 whoosh). I don't like that scenario; I'll just run rainbow mounds from horns gate and call it a day. The PC s are the surviving members of a mercenary company that will be looking for work at horns gate. Then bam! Rainbow mounds.
  13. I'm worried about the first scenario being pretty weak for a new group and second kinda horrible too (ducks don't work as your first ever opposition, and they are awesome at shaking things up, change my mind) I should open with rainbow mounds. It will make scouting the land 100x better. And i can run gringle's pawnshop 2nd session... Dammit icebrand, you are pulling a reverse apple lane again... I hate myself sometimes 😞
  14. Griffin mountain? I think you misspelled snake pipe hollow 🤣
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