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  1. I need to teach my PCs how to use DI; plus yesterday i finished reading this module and... This scenario ends with the PCs IDing back home or a TPK. The last encounter is stupidly unbalanced and there's no winning that fight with my current groups skills and magic (unless the Yelornan deletes the priest with the totally fair & balanced shooting star spell)
  2. Well, if he survives he would have no legs, and i don't think his broo bros would take him... So, 60% chance to become a spirit and then he attacks in spirit combat after dumping his 2 rune points. BRO-O-O-O-TAL (my Broo say bro-o-o-o-o like a goat) 🐐
  3. So, my characters are fighting Muriahs broos (already slaughtered revor and 3 broos with a nice ambush, but i still need to roll revors divine intervention). So, questions: 1- Revor the Broo was split in half at the waist, after suffering a true greatsword blow to the abdomen that did 18 damage (while he had 3 total hp left). Of course he's gonna try divine intervention to malia (60%). What can he realistically ask for if successful? He l has a 6-pt healing potion and id like him to escape, but also didn't get to cast his divine disease causing spells, and his top half flying while he casts one last curse sounds cool if everything else fails. I don't want him telling the other broos and dying because he's an ass and would never do that, but escaping to the other broos is good (if i -and by "i" i mean you) can come up with a good DI effect for that. If that happens, you think the other broos would heal him or kill him? 2- there's the true sword of the fire on the beach. This is a KICKASS item, but sadly it's a scimitar, and no one can even try to use it (except the humakti but i don't see him dropping broadsword for the enemy's weapon). Should I change the weapon to a broadsword or spear? 3- Looting the broos: the named broos have some nice magic items and coin, how would you loot them? Option a) people are afraid and disgusted, they just don't (but then again, the humakti is literally soaked in broo blood so... Option b) loot anyway. What happens then? Does the loot transmit disease? Do you roll 1/day, just once, or what? Can it be cleansed? (A PC is a Chalana runelord + near priest if that's needed). 4- Disease! Assuming every Broo has one (i think this is the case)... i make them roll if they get hurt by Broo, if they grapple them, if they loot them or if they damage a location for it's HP+6 (blood splatter!). now, each broo needs to be resisted only once; should I make them roll on every occurrence instead? Also what happens if a diseased character finds the same disease? I'm thinking i would do them roll again and worsen the disease if they fail, do you think this is a fair ruling? Well, that's it for now, thanks in advance!
  4. I know, i have RQG (and my PCs start as initiates with CE precious XP + 3 RP + INTx10 Skil pt +CHA/2 battle magic -these magic points replace the previous xp ones) but i use the CE spells and gods from cult compendium. I also use -30 (as in classic BRP games) instead of -20 for extra parries.
  5. My humakti player, playing CE with capped truesword damage, probably: Wait, you guys getting sword trance?
  6. But that's just granularity... We could also say every single sword technique is a different (but related) skill, you just train them all at once (different XP rolls)
  7. RQG skill is per weapon, but easily hackable into fighting style if that's your cup of tea. Btw i just kinda let everyone roll "half your best combat skill" with any other weapon. If you have 150% 1h sword... Sorry there's no way you fight at 30% with shortsword or mace.
  8. That sounds completely bizarre to me? Maybe is a language barrier? Like, if he didn't manage to hit you, it means you parried. I seriously doubt he would have hit air if you didn't actively defend?
  9. So, doesn't he guy had 120% and lowered your skill work then? My experience is in judo so i know nothing about swords, but i literally never found anyone that was easy to throw but good at throwing.
  10. I honestly think RQ3 aged badly, unlike CE wich, lets be honest, always had better gameplay. In my campaign we use CE rules with rune points and 1 skill for weapons (more realistic anyway, who learns to attack and not defend? And if you keep the %s closer, is it really needed?) We also ditched the SR system for DEX ranks from BRP, because they are just faster. We only use SR the first round of melee combat, and then we use DEX ranks. Whats appealing to you about RQ3 system that made you go back to it?
  11. In fact, the one time i fenced i found it extremely hard to parry, or even dodge, but maybe that was because my opponent was a panam-class fencer maybe 🀣 After "dying" 15+ times i finally managed to parry an easily telegraphed, side sweep than I'm pretty sure wasn't even a fencing move and just for fun.
  12. As a GM, i don't consider the back side shielded, and do consider the front and shield side shielded. And you can bet every single person without a shield gets their opponent a +10% attack bonus. And when my hypothetical players say "hey dude that rule sucks" i say NO, IS THIS GAME THAT SUCKS!!! and i throw the books out the window (and they land over someone you dislike) and pick up RQG books from the shelf and then there's some 80s hair metal riff and and grandma (who was bringing cookies to the table) starts clapping.
  13. That would work if the shielded side gave a -10% attack chance, but what you propose gives an mechanical advantage to melee weapons at parrying, a thing shields are renowned to be better at. Plus, the rule is quite clear it says "unshielded side". A fighter with a one/two 1h weapons or a 2h weapon doesn't have a shielded side, making all their sides unshielded.
  14. And a sword being better at parrying than a shield (no "attacker on the other side" thing somehow is????
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