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  1. To be honest this seems like a strong case for DEX-Rank based initiative like BRP4/CoC
  2. But Jon Pol-Joni doesn't see his initiation into Orlanth as a bad thing. It would be akin to rejecting his culture... For what? He can always become a runepriest of Donandar and everyone's happy. How does he get to the point where he thinks Orlanth is wrong?? WHY?!? If he's just different there are other cults for him to join, he wouldn't have made it to initiate of Orlanth If he had that worldview. I see this only as an issue that could arise with very powerful runelord+priests that get into a serious disagreement with their god(why? How??) And decide to desert them... And that's fine they have a bunch of one-use magic now, and they are free to join a divinity they see more fitting... Heck, if they leave on a good note to an allied god i may even refund them some rune points in RQG (in classic they would be 100% screwed)
  3. Hi guys! Due new covid restrictions my campaign died βš°οΈπŸ’€πŸ₯€ please press F for us! So, this is the deal, i am completely illiterate as far as vtts are concerned. What do you guys use? Is it easy? We use the RQ classic rules, is this a problem? Do the programs come with rulesets or what? I googled a bit and i found roll20 which apparently has CoC rules (close enough to rq i guess lol?). There's also foundry which looked kickass but super expensive. anyways, hope any high healer here resurrects my borderlands πŸ˜‚ Tnx in advance!
  4. "Enchanted iron" is steel (which at some point in history was considered magic) Unenchanted is iron (which isn't really better than bronze for weapons and stuff). Gravity works the same than IRL, but it's probably a spirit or something, etc. YGWV but stuff works just like IRL, only there's a mythology reason instead of physics. yes, there is may be no gravity, but stuff falls exactly the same as if there were, so all those are moot points. I really don't know the zoology qualifications of perrin & co back in the early 80s, but to me it's much more likely the baboon has that STR due to the creator not being familiar with the animal vs deliberately giving them high STR for balance or lore purposes.
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong, a baboon will totally murder you (or severely injure/maim) but that's with their teeth, they aren't stronger than humans. The point is they aren't even stronger than humans their size. A giant baboon with 3d6 siz would have 2d6+2 or something str
  6. Chimps are around 1/3rd stronger than humans at the same size; 4d6 STR (or 3d6+6 would be better). Baboons are not apes, but monkeys, and would get destroyed on any strength contest against apes (including humans). An average human woman can most likely overpower a big male baboon IRL (ignoring the baboons teeth). Gloranthan baboons are supposed to be almost as big as a man, and "realistically" they should have less STR because pound for pound they are weaker.
  7. Fire season, 1611 The adventurers are mercenaries for an exiled noble establishing a new domain; they are tasked with eliminating the pirates of the zola fel, a band of thieving duck scum. But then two bold pirates, Dreamwings and Nar Rucker, managed to capture the whole group with the help of a zany pit of quicksand πŸ€ͺ For the lay members amongst you, this is from the second Borderlands scenario, Outlaw Hunt After activating the bell and on their way to the ducks lair the adventurers faced a (second) quicksand pit. The Yerlornan tried to jump it and failed, falling in, neck deep. The Humakti got in (waist deep) and grabbed her, and then the Lhankor Mhy grabbed the Humakti by the legs... And then stealthy Dreamwings scored 8 damage points on the Lhankor Mhys leg ROFL. With literally the whole group immobilized, the ducks just had to threaten them a bit with their slings before the backup arrived. A few minutes later Pinfeather & company got there and helped tie down and disarm the adventurers (which by the way contemplated going 1v6 with their hands tied *several times*) Anyway the pirates successfully ransomed them to their employer, and the ducks left their lair with 100% of the loot, unscratched and even richer. They should probably get some extra magic from their new roommates at 5 eyes with all the money they brought in! The adventurers have their clothes, their foci (the ducks were really nice and gave back them magic wands) and very little silver back home they got from a bounty last time. They also have -1 CHA and I'm pretty sure everyone laughs at their back in the fort. You should have seen the faces of my players. Their hopes and dreams of greatness crushed by my ducks while i just kept laughing... Man it was a really nice session, i just wanted to share and while we are at it... How do you figure out how much ransom is someone worth? Because I'm totally deducing it from the PCs pay!
  8. And for a runelord it's 20%, and for my players it's a gazillion since they have 9 to 13 pow
  9. Imagine rolling POWx5 instead of 95% πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ (This post was made by the classic gang)
  10. How do you play spirit/battle magic? Borderlands seems to assume spells are invisible (as seen for example in tusken rider tactics). Are protection / countermagic / shimmer "invisible"? (Well, at least until they work) Or do you play them as having effects? (Like bark/stone/bronze/iron skin for protection 1-4, or glowing blades for bladesharp). I always played battle magic as invisible, and saved the SFX for rune magic, just wondering since classic and rqg seem silent about it and rq3 says "do what you want" For example, the enemy can see you casting "a spell" but won't have any clue about what it is (except obvious cases like Fireblade or shimmer)
  11. A chance that they may or may not take. It would require contemplation, meditation and reasoning. A wast majority of Chaos may not have the luxury of time to even consider. Uhh... Spirit gives taboo, broo follows. Otherwise spirit mad. Broos are sentient, and not all of them are feral. They can speak, they can get rune magic, they do ceremonies ... They sure as hell are able to follow a taboo. A celibacy taboo can perfectly work on broo. You aren't supposed to like the taboo, it's like a divine geas. If the broo doesn't like the taboo let them break it and find out what happens.
  12. I don't allow pow vs pow with dullblade. You cast it and it works, unless the weapon as a spirit on it. And it doesn't affect the character. The weapon is -damage and -%, if the character throws the weapon and picks another they don't get any -% or -damage
  13. Meanwhile I'm playing without enchants (#TeamRQclassic). I'm not a monster though, i give them rune points as per RQG, and some other stuff (like 1 skill per weapon, etc)
  14. What you describe is a magic spirit. Int spirits (and spirits in classic) do not cast magic, they are reservoirs of INT/POW. In classic the spirit only served as mp/int storage. They were "free" to bind (you needed a cult animal or spirit crystal, and maybe you died trying to fight the spirit). There is no "control" spell for classic. In rq3 they were the same, only that the was a specific spirit for int (1d6 int) and a specific spirit for pow (2d6+3). They were 2 and 1 pow, and pretty harmless to fight. So, matrix is 1 pow/spell point, bound int spirit is 2 points for 1-6 spell points (and you can keep summoning in your spare time until you get 6 pts maybe). Yes technically another guy with the appropriate spell and magic sight spell can control them, but you can just slap a condition... Or you know, have like up to 24 free INT for the cost of a single 4 point spell and let them control your spirits. I'm pretty sure the chances of you killing the enemy while they spend 4 rounds making spirits go away is greater than the chance of killing them with +4 free int and the enemy fighting you.
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