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Repeating Arquebus/Musket Stats, or Simulating a Machine Gun

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I recently got into Clockwork and Chivalry and especially love reading the WW1-esc trench warfare battlefield conditions in the Battle of Birmingham. One thing I noticed though is the books don't have damage stats for the Repeating Arquebus (pg 280 in the core book) or the Repeating Musket (mentioned frequently in Kingdom and Commonwealth 2 but never provides a stat block) and wasn't sure how to treat it/run it in an encounter. I initially was just going to treat the repeating musket as an immobile bulky repeater rifle that can be fired single shot over 100 combat rounds or so times dealing normal damage each time before needing to be reloaded (so more like a repeater rifle) but the Repeating Arquebus makes it sound like it spits out 100 or so rounds in 2 combat rounds (more like a gatling gun). I'm hoping to add encounters where the players are facing down a "machine gun nest" and was curious on how other GM's have ran with the players facing these? If you used more the Repeating Arquebus vs the Repeating Musket? And what type of damage/rolls you did for the Repeating Arquebus?

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