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sartar-companion.jpgThe Sartar Companion is the second of Moon Design’s Gloranthan HeroQuest line of book. A huge setting and scenario book that gives you the opportunity for countless hours of sandbox play in the Kingdom of Sartar setting:

Detailed descriptions of many important locations in Sartar, including Jonstown, Clearwine, Runegate, the Colymar Wilds, Old Wind Temple, and the New Lunar Temple.

More than 40 “Road” Encounters – each one forming the basis of a game session (or more).

More than 30 Special Encounters – unique events, places, or individuals that help define Sartar as a setting.

Seven complete campaign scenarios, all compatible with the Colymar Campaign fromSartar: Kingdom of Heroes.

Complete writeups of the cults of Argan Argar, Babeester Gor, Eurmal, Heler, Kolat, and Odayla

And much much more. With some 20 maps and hundreds of illustrations, Sartar Companion comes in at about 300 pages of PURE GLORANTHAN GOLD.

By Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard. 296 Pages. Published by Moon Design October 2010.

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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