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  1. For all those with problems accessing the cult of chaos subforum, who are cult of chaos members and have received the password: - Make sure you are logged in with your user account on the forum (using your regular password) - Don't follow a link, but manually browse to the cult of chaos subforum. When you attempt to access it, you will be promoted for a password. Enter the cult of chaos password that you have been provided. Now you're good to go to access the chaos library with the floatsom files. - The forum will remember your password until cookies are cleared. Then you will have to enter it again. Following links to the cult of chaos subforum and subforum within that forum is only possible as long as cookies remembering that you have entered the password are present.
  2. Pinning posts isn't possible, only threads. The thread starter could edit his first post to include any new tips appearing later in the thread, but that does take some effort. Maybe a 24 on the 1-100 dung beetle herding scale.
  3. BRP Central I running on a managed stock forum softwareso no custom coding possible I'm afraid. You can go to a members profile and see their last contributions but not specific to a single thread I'm afraid.
  4. Hi folk! I've recently played Gods War for the first time and enjoyed it much more than I expected. Some rule questions came up though: 1) Permission to leave Hell: Yelm starts the game in Hell. It is stated that he needs permission from a unit with higher combat rating to leave Hell. Can he get the permission from a couple of trolls (combat rating 1 x2), or must it be a single unit from an opponent with a combat rating of 2 or more? The wording on the rules on leaving hell would suggest the latter, but other text suggest the first. 2) Temples and zigguraths add routes and kills, but do they have any defenses when they stand alone, or can a unit walk in and take over withtout a fight if no defender units are present? 3) The chaos empire seems like an integral part of play. Do somebody needs to play chaos everytime you play, or can f.ex. four non-chaos empire play against each other without chaos present? Cheers, Sverre.
  5. I think/hope we'll not have to use it that often that we need a public thread for deterrent/marking the boundaries.
  6. WARNING! Warnings are coming to BRP Central. A new and feared weapon have been delivered into the hands of the moderators to control the wild masses! 1 warning point = 24 hrs restriction on posting! ☚ī¸ 2 warning points = 7 days restriction on posting!! đŸ˜Ļ 3 warning points = 30 day ban!!! 😨 Points can accumulate, but are removed after 30 days. But isn't this cruel and unusual punishment you ask? Yes, yes it is. 🐙
  7. I've restricted it to english to keep the maintenance of the list as easy as possible. If some of the mods would like to take over responsibility for it and expand it to other languages I would be happy with that, I'd like to keep it as simple as possible. I've removed the broken links that were broken during the last check-up and marked the new ones that appear broken.
  8. And with that I'll take the advice I just got and move along by locking this topic...
  9. Two of the worst posts in my opinion (now hidden) were written before by initial moderation, so I'm not buying that I played a significant part in setting things off. Sure, as I've allready stated, I should not have used those terms, and I might not "twig" the situation since I'm not used to this destructive debate form. Being from Norway I politically lean far to the left of the average american, but I do not think that aggressively debating the rightousness of your views and the moral fallacy of your opponents' is constructive in any way. Inclusivity loses its meaning if it only refers to those who share your opinions. I've done more moderation the last three days than I've done the last three years before that and I would like that trend to stop. My post to midwinter specifically and the rest of the keyboard warriors in general was overt moderation if you did not notice that. midwinter heeded it and dragoner was the first to blatantly ignore it. His post was hidden and another post with overt moderation was posted in response, and he was only banned for a week after he continued to be disagreeable after that. Could I suggest that you state your opinion, and then yes, actually move along? The silence is not complicit as you imply, but there are better things to do in life than propogating unpleasant arguments with strangers on the internet. And if that is your thing, then there are better forums for it than here.
  10. That might not have been what you meant, but that was how I read it and it certainly continued the debate in the same aggressive manner after midwinter agreed to withdraw. You also seem quite eager to continue it now which I have no wish to see. Take 7 days off to cool down.
  11. Just had to hide another post with racist accusations. This better stop too.
  12. @midwinter I would appreciate if you would leave the topic for now. You have stated your views and are unmoved by the arguments against it, which fair enough, but the last pages show signs of trolling. The debate has gone on long enough and is as I've stated before utterly pointless. So I'm asking you - and the rest of the keyboard warriors of high emotion here - please drop the topic. @Cultist of Sooty I can only talk for myself, but my views on the topic pretty much align with what @Sumath has written in this thread. I probably react more to foul language and reductio ad hitlerum than baiting rants, which might show itself in the few instances of moderation there has been.
  13. Just don't read this thread and report if it blows up anywhere else. We'll quarantine it here.
  14. Just so there's no misunderstandings - no one from Chaosium are actively participating in this thread. All the Chaosium representatives are moderators. I'm the forum admin moderating this hot potatoe of a thread, but I'm not a Chaosium employee.
  15. https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/71-7th-sea/ At last! ;)
  16. Well, as this is a thread of predictably baiting rants and triggered responses, I'd say none of the arguments are entirely in good faith, on either side. I would hazard to guess that all participating in this thread know the debate is utterly pointless as it's one of those that really only boils down to "I'm right and your point of view is stupid". With "political correctness" as a tag for the thread, I never expected a civil discourse and passive-agressive arguments were to be expected, but at least now it's not cluttering up the other threads that actually focus on roleplaying. As stated before, this is a lightly moderated forum were members are expected to self-moderate. The auditor radar has quite poor resolution, but this has worked very well until recently... Aggressive and blatant personal attacks will not be tolerated, but I'll let you score your rethorical points at each other up until that to keep it contained here.
  17. Alastor's Skull Inn is the forum for "everything else", so I don't mind the thread, but PLEASE mind the language. It should be possible to get ones point across without the use of bad language and personal attacks. And if it's not, then use the "Ignore user" feature. Members here ARE expected to self-moderate themselves.
  18. I fully agree with this. People differ widely in which gaming style they enjoy the most and none are "right" or "wrong". Everyone should be able to express their perspective and persuasion (within certain limits of course), but should also tolerate that others disagree. This is just a gaming forum after all, it's meant to be fun, no need for it to turn into a political debate. Unless we are discussing Cthulhu for president that is!
  19. You can just post a LGF thread in the appropriate game forum, for Runequest it would be the Runequest forum, or if you're just looking for any game - the Alastor's Skull forum. Don't worry about breaking any protocols, this is not a rules heavy forum. I've tried to avoid subforum proliferation and to many stickied threads. We had a LGF stickied before, but it didn't see enough traffic to warrant staying stickied. Just open your own one Brian!
  20. Think I'll actually have to watch that now!
  21. Breathe... No more personal attacks please.
  22. There's always the Alastor's Skull subforum for "everything else", but what is really the point of this "critical topic" about inclusion? It's not like you're convincing each other...
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