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history-of-the-heortling-peoples.jpgThis compilation of information on the Heortling people covers their history and society from the Dawn Age all the way through to the Hero Wars at the end of the Third Age. Each Age covered includes a timeline, supporting maps, king lists, and numerous significant events that shaped and impacted the Heortlings. Many famous individuals, such as Lokamayadon, Harmast, Ingolf Dragonfriend, Belintar, Sartar, and Arkat are all detailed. Locations, Armies, Empires, Myths, and Events of Interest are all on offer. This is the definitive Heortling resource for Gloranthan scholars and RuneQuest and HeroQuestplayers.

At the Jonstown X temple you can buy a written document. One day I sent and I asked for "The cheapest list of Orlanth Kings you’ve got." This book is a research document to discover what that list means.

"I heavily referenced the "Twelve Books" of Kulbrast the Bold in assembling this material and even found a rare copy of "Durengard Scrolls" of Herelmel of Jadnor to include in this collection." Much material in the Dawn Ages section has been extracted from my unpublished Initiation of Harmast, a.k.a. Saga of Lokamayadon, a.k.a. Saga of Vargast Redhand. Some is unpublished material compiled from documents that I wrote to assist writers of Mongoose’s 2nd Age materials. Another source is Enclosure magazine.

By Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard. 112 Pages.

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