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the-glorious-reascent-of-yelm.jpgThe Foundation Document of Dara Happa.

This is a translation of the manuscript copy kept in the Temple of Yelm in Alkoth. The copy was made circa 111260 YS by an anonymous court scribe of the Emperor of Dara Happa. Thus it is not precisely Plentonius' "original work," but a copy made 40 years later.

A later copyist added the marginal glosses, shown herein as footnotes. In bad editorial form, some of them are actually by me, the Author, not the Gloranthan Copyist. The original had no maps, but for clarity these were added by me, Greg.

Plentonius was a famous scribe in the court of Khordavu. He was most famous in his time for his description of the Gods Wall (one version contained in Appendix A herein) and for his dating system, which has remained in use in Dara Happa and most of Peloria ever since. It is used in this manuscript too, and provides the primary evidence that Plentonius was the author of this work too. Note that in the text Plentonius is not named as the author, who admits only to being Keeper of the Letters, a high-ranking scribe at court. A later source first linked this work with the name of Plentonius. Later sources ascribed supernatural powers to him, and he receives sacrifices in the temple of Arraz.

By Greg Stafford. 90 Pages.

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
b1.gif 116/420. High Priest.

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