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fronela.jpgIn the outlying western lands of Genertela, the Middle Sea Empire and the Empire of Wyrms' Friends vie for control of an area that has already been subjugated by its own dreamy idealism of an egalitarian utopia. As the rulers of Loskalm and the Janube Valley seek to make all men equal, the God Learners and Dragon Mystics intend to prove that they are not. Neither empire seeks a new front in their war for supremacy over Glorantha, but conflict is inevitable as the Malkioni deepen their influence through the righteous doctrines of the saints, and the Eternal Dragon Ring, under the command of Lord Great Burin, flexes the enormous wings of the Great Dragon to Be.

Against this backdrop of competing empires, the people of Loskalm are torn: between their misguided idealism, the competing philosophies of the Abiding Book and the imperative of the Great Dragon Project. As the waves crash in on the western shore, a wind blows hard from the east - and soon Fronela will become a crucible for the clash of empires.

Fronela is a sourcebook and campaign setting for Glorantha: the Second Age. Alongside details of the nations of Fronela, a series of interlinked adventures, forming a greater campaign arc, takes the characters into the heart of the struggle for the west. The righteous waves crash and the dragon wind howls: how will your characters meet these dual threats?

By Lawrence Whitaker. 100 Pages.

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