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DRAGONEWTS - A Guide to the Eravssarr


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dragonewts.jpgThe Dragonewts are perhaps the most alien of the races to inhabit Glorantha. With their continual cycle of reincarnation they are practically immortal and this makes them stand out.and drastically alters their perception of the world.

This book looks in depth at the different life stages of these enigmatic beings, their history, beliefs and society and how they interact with the other races of Glorantha, even their relationship with the Empire of Wyrm's Friends, who claim to know much about the draconic races. But how much can one truly know about such a strange people?

At long last the Eravssarr will take their rightful place amongst the races of RuneQuest, with Players and Games Masters alike being able to integrate them into their Glorantha games.

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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