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ELFS - A Guide to the Aldryami


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elfs.jpgThe elfs of Glorantha are beings as far removed from humanity as the great dragons and as such their motives are largely unfathomable. They are not even animals, but a form of plant life that is mobile and forms its own vibrant societies across the world. There are numerous subspecies of elf and, whilst they have their own names for the different races, humanity has tended to group them by type in an effort to categorise them more easily. Inside this book are extensive notes on elfin society, how its people interact with one another and the outside world, with their beliefs, culture and details on the various elf types. Their settlements and how they are organised are covered also, with two being described as examples of how they can be laid out (not that any two elf settlements are ever the same).

Extensive notes on how to play the various sorts of elf are available within, allowing Players and Games Masters alike to get to grips with these strange beings.Finally the religious cults are described in some detail, with some familiar to humans and others practically unknown outside of the elfin groves. With these descriptions are spells which are unique to these people.

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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