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Holiday Dorastor: Bugswarm Swamp


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We are pleased to announce a new Jonstown Compendium supplement, Holiday Dorastor: Bugswarm Swamp, a RuneQuest supplement covering Bugswarm Swamp, arguably the most dangerous part of Dorastor. Here you will find the normal Dorastor fare, Locations, Personalities, Cults, a Bestiary (Fighting Fungus, Spirit Gremlin, Wood Dwarves, and Termites of several kinds, I toyed with Rodents of Unusual Size but instead it has Insects of Unusual Size which fit better), new Skills and Spells, two Magic Items (Mostalite and Mycelial Amulet), and Six Scenarios (The Last Meal, Bug Hunt, Caravan Stop, A Swarm of Flies, What Lays Below, and Bug Wars).

Enjoy a trip around Bugswarm Swamp, meeting the termites, hornets, trollkin and an interesting Sage. Don’t forget your bug spray!


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