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Allegiance rules

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Hi folks - in reference to BRUGE. To become allied you need to have 20+ more allegiance points than the next allegiance and it is the highest score you have. 

what happens if you accept and then your allegiance score of another allegiance grows to break this rule (ie the gap drops below 20). Do you loose allied status?

Is the test only applicable at the point you accept the allied status.

if you do loose the allied status does this then cause you to loose apotheosis status?

just trying to clarify rules so I can code the “out of the box” version (ie not house rules)  


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It's up to the gamemaster to determine if increasing a different allegiance over the allied one causes you to lose allegiance, and would probably depend on the nature of the force.

Similarly, the gamemaster should be the arbiter of of being un/re-allied, but loss of any benefits from apotheosis seems reasonable.  


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