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  1. I strongly suggest communicating with the author and voicing your opinion.
  2. I allow adventurers who have not already acted that round to change their statement of intent (essentially changing plans mid-round). Not everyone is a hardcore rules lawyer. The rules are there to help people enjoy the game and to facilitate gameplay. If there's a situation or condition where rigid adherence to the letter of the rules stands in the way of people enjoying themselves, I cut the players some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  3. If you were able to successfully cast the spell (the POWx5 roll succeeded) then the magic points are spent immediately. Your chance to cast a spell is based off POWx5, not magic points, and (IIRC) every spell uses POW instead of current magic points for the resistance roll.
  4. When in play, I tend to: 1. Be very loose with allowing players to change statement of intent when it comes to adventurers dying. 2. Let the "actual death" be at the end of the round after the adventurer hit 0 hit points. When in doubt, remember the principle of Maximum Game Fun, which is so important that we made it the very first rule in the book.
  5. Art and maps are coming in (most is already complete), final edits are being made, and layout begins soon. I'm currently in the "Oh, this too..." phase of polishing the manuscript.
  6. The inspirations for Lords of Gossamer & Shadow are listed on page 155 of the core rulebook, and do not include any of those sources. Take my word on this.
  7. This thread is closed.
  8. Just a reminder, folks, that this is not a public discussion thread, but more a straightforward Q&A. It makes it extremely messy for David and I to come in and try to sift through the questions and answers. (the moderator UI displays more than just visible posts) If you would like to discuss a particular topic, please start an open thread about it.
  9. The gamemaster might call for a check on Devotion when an adventurer doesn't respond to something their god/cult favors: An Ernaldan ignoring something despoiling the earth A Babeester Gor cultist ignoring a call for vengeance A Chalana Arroy cultist ignoring the wounded or sick An Issaries priest failing to do something about a threat to free trade A Lhankor Mhy scholar turning away from the pursuit of truth, or allowing knowledge to be destroyed More positive examples might be: An Odayla hunter getting the chance to encounter (and perhaps defend)
  10. It did show up in the Quickstart, but wasn't addressed in the core rules. It has been replaced (almost) everywhere with references to a POWx5 roll.
  11. Yes. Roll to see if the spell can be cast at all, then roll a resistance roll to see if it is effective against that particular target.
  12. Any spells offering magical armor protection (increasing armor points) are ineffective.
  13. The gamemaster's guide will have some rules on this. Right now I'd adjudicate it as based on a common-sense look at the circumstances and make some Battle rolls, as appropriate. You could also utilize Pendragon's mass combat system if you're eager to use something like that. Until the mass combat rules are available, I'd suggest using Battle as the default skill to determine whether you can choose an appropriate skill. You could make a short list of appropriate skills and roll randomly to see which one is required, while a successful Battle roll lets the pl
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