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  1. On the issue of whether Moorcock's relevant still, Tor Books seems to think so: https://www.tor.com/2021/03/02/revealing-omnibus-editions-of-michael-moorcocks-elric-of-melnibone/comment-page-1/?
  2. I was actually in contact with Adamant about that and was supposedly going to be a part of the writing team. (Huge fan of China Mieville's work.) I was told that they'd be happy to have me work on it. However, there were so many stalls and delays and inexplicable "soons" that it became apparent it just wasn't going to work out. The publisher was just then also going through Far West situation and had a licensed deal take a nose-dive due to some rights tangle they had nothing to do with (Buckaroo Banzai), so it became clear that there was no clear path to publication, much less to s
  3. My awareness of it came from a few posts on the Stormbringer/Elric RPGs Facebook group, where someone (whether an overenthusiastic fan or developer with Titam... it is hard to know) claimed that it was in the works. Given the situation, that may have been speculative, premature, or magical thinking.
  4. Quite the opposite. Trying to clarify what seems to be deliberately missed. A French studio has the rights to do Mournblade and (I gather) Hawkmoon in French. They have indicated on social media that they want to do an English version of Mournblade, called Stormbringer. I am led to understand that they don't have global rights, which I assume includes English. Rick - who knows far more about these things than I do - says the same. The BBC is doing an adaptation of Hawkmoon, and has the game rights currently wrapped up with their license. I don't really know the specifics of tha
  5. Intellectual property licenses are weird and sometimes messy things, especially when it comes to larger IPs and multiple licensees. Many seemingly contradictory things can be true simultaneously.
  6. You could always pick up Basic Roleplaying with expanded rules for mutant abilities, psychic powers, and super powers.
  7. You might be the first person to have said that in years.
  8. I have a theory that you could run almost any Call of Cthulhu (and especially Pulp Cthulhu) adventure with Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Liz Sherman as your investigators without changing much of anything. Just beef up the number of foes (maybe a last-minute summoning), add an enigmatic talking animal, describe a lot of broken statues, and be sure to have Hellboy fall through the floor at least once.
  9. Let me know if you should ever want to play some Elric!/Stormbringer. 🙂
  10. Yes. Pedro just turned in his completed and updated drafts of the updated Mythic Iceland and the Mythic Iceland Companion. We're looking at doing them as a slipcase edition together, and sold separately.
  11. Moorcock's works were just re-released less than a decade ago by Gollancz, and are still in print. The BBC Hawkmoon series will likely spike readers to that novel series and associated Moorcock books. I have very little doubt that a new edition of Stormbringer would find an audience among longtime fans as well as newcomers to the character and his amazing universe.
  12. All of those issues were with the old management, who are no longer with the company. Chaosium is essentially a new company, fiscally stable and responsible, and the company has done much to rectify the mistakes of the past, even going above and beyond what could be reasonably expected. I cannot provide more details, but a major goal has been to re-establish goodwill with the Moorcocks.
  13. As seen above, this is in the discussion/consideration phase. The ball is in Mark's court. We'd be happy to work with him on it, as we are huge fans of his work (as you will see in months to come as more RQ/Glorantha products featuring his art come out). I am uniquely positioned to say that this would be quite the thing, having run a Conan game back in the day using Elric!. We at Chaosium are also big friends with the people at Cabinet Entertainment, who own the rights to Conan, but currently Conan is licensed by Modiphius and they are still actively supporting the line.
  14. If it's a problem, then just give him a minimal skill in Tradetalk. Communication is mean to be a roleplaying challenge, not impossible. I'm currently doing a sweep for corrections for the reprint and will just add Tradetalk to his skills just to make that explicit.
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