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  1. This thread is closed.
  2. Just a reminder, folks, that this is not a public discussion thread, but more a straightforward Q&A. It makes it extremely messy for David and I to come in and try to sift through the questions and answers. (the moderator UI displays more than just visible posts) If you would like to discuss a particular topic, please start an open thread about it.
  3. The gamemaster might call for a check on Devotion when an adventurer doesn't respond to something their god/cult favors: An Ernaldan ignoring something despoiling the earth A Babeester Gor cultist ignoring a call for vengeance A Chalana Arroy cultist ignoring the wounded or sick An Issaries priest failing to do something about a threat to free trade A Lhankor Mhy scholar turning away from the pursuit of truth, or allowing knowledge to be destroyed More positive examples might be: An Odayla hunter getting the chance to encounter (and perhaps defend) bears in the wild An Orlanthi building a temple in the mountaintops Helping expand the reach of the Seven Mothers cult A Storm Bull resisting the chance to settle a conflict peaceably and instead hulking out For an inspiration, it basically it boils down to "Is this action in line with my cult's beliefs and based on my own devotion?"
  4. It did show up in the Quickstart, but wasn't addressed in the core rules. It has been replaced (almost) everywhere with references to a POWx5 roll.
  5. Yes. Roll to see if the spell can be cast at all, then roll a resistance roll to see if it is effective against that particular target.
  6. Any spells offering magical armor protection (increasing armor points) are ineffective.
  7. The gamemaster's guide will have some rules on this. Right now I'd adjudicate it as based on a common-sense look at the circumstances and make some Battle rolls, as appropriate. You could also utilize Pendragon's mass combat system if you're eager to use something like that. Until the mass combat rules are available, I'd suggest using Battle as the default skill to determine whether you can choose an appropriate skill. You could make a short list of appropriate skills and roll randomly to see which one is required, while a successful Battle roll lets the player decide the skill to use. For example, roll 1D4 on: Weapon skill (attack if missile only, attack/parry if infantry/cavalry) Ride (if cavalry, or attack/parry if infantry) Dodge Intimidate A successful Battle roll lets the player pick which to roll. Maybe a Luck roll? (being able to find some nice stuff from battlefield pickings) Or even Reputation? (more prestigious adventurers get better loot, as reward for their recognized efforts) You could also augment this roll with an appropriate skill that was used in the battle, or something Communication-based, as appropriate.
  8. At 0 HP, a weapon can theoretically be used to attack/parry at half skill, at the gamemaster's discretion. This is a general rule and does not address every eventuality. A 0 HP broadsword might now be a shortsword, might simply have a blade loose enough to throw off one's balance, might be bent, etc. Pick a sensible result based on the weapon type. At 0 or lower HP it's pretty fragile. Any parrying that inflicts damage to the weapon reduces its HP further until it hits its negative HP and then it's broken forever and cannot be remade, or at least must be remade from scratch (a bow, for example, is pretty much destroyed, but you might theoretically get a new haft for your 1H mace, or melt down and reforge a sword blade).
  9. We begin updating revision numbers when the file goes to press. Version control gets a little hinky when we're dealing with versions that haven't gone to press yet, and we're not eager to have a print version that begins at anything other than 1.0.
  10. No. Such is the unpredictability of magic. On a pragmatic sense, for a critical, rolling 3D6 (plus damage bonus) and ignoring armor is more-than-likely to disable whatever hit location it strikes. The gamemaster is wholly within their rights to decide that these results do in fact do special damage (impaling or slashing) but may soon discover that these spells become dominant tactics.
  11. You can handle this one of the following ways: Hard: The targeted entity is reduced to 0 magic points and is otherwise unconscious or incapacitated until it gains at least 1 magic point (natural recovery, POW crystal, etc.). The spell is described as Temporal and Active until the instructions are given, in which case it becomes Passive. Medium: The entity acts unnaturally: despite being at 0 magic points it continues to move and act (basically sleepwalking), but cannot perform any actions requiring magic points until it has recovered some. Easy: Stack the Control spell with 1+ additional magic points. After being defeated in spirit combat, the caster "gives" those magic points to the creature with which to act.
  12. Use the specific writeup for dogs, and when looking at other four-legged animals, start with the base creature and adjust hit points per location as indicated on p9. The charts on p10-11 are very general, and may not reflect the physiognomy of each individual animal conforming to that broad class.
  13. That's six questions in one! Here are my opinions, but as always, Your Glorantha May Vary: Dark Walk vs. Second Sight - ineffective, as the character in darkness is still hidden totally. Soul Sight - ineffective, as the character in darkness is still hidden totally. Detect Enemies - caster determines roughly where a Dark Walker is, such as "in that patch of shadow" somewhere... but does not see them. Detect Life - as the spell indicates, gives direction and distance, but not actual location. Darksense - I'm inclined to say that Darksense is going to work vs. Dark Walk to a limited degree, as Uz are folk of Darkness. They might sense an indistinct figure, not being able to identify them but getting a clear outline. In other words, "You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it." As for others, I generally take the rule of thumb that a Rune spell is almost always more powerful than a spirit magic one (especially if points are equal). When in doubt, the implied intent of the Rune spell should be weighed versus any exploit or apparent weakness.
  14. Yeah, that should be the Rune's chance.
  15. My inclination is that a spell with a Countermagic effect does indeed block Dismiss, so you'll need to spend the additional magic points to overcome it. This is seriously verging on "we're gonna be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws" territory. 🤪
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