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Eternal Convention 2012


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Eternal Convention 2012

Welcome to The Eternal Convention - Eternal Conspiracy 2012

25.-28.May 2012, Burg Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany


Tentacles2009-256 by Darran!, on Flickr

An international roleplaying convention with guest from more than a dozen countries from every corner of the known world in a real medivial castle!

2012- The year of conspiracy!

End of May you will find out more about conspiracies in our Pen&Paper or Freeform games.

The Eternal Conspiracy takes place from 25-28 May 2012 at Castle Stahleck. This is a system-open roleplay convention where every game is welcome, however these games have a focus:

Moon Design: Heroquest, Glorantha

Design Mechanism: RuneQuest 6

D101 Games: Glorantha

Chaosium: Call of Cthulhu

13 Mann: Aborea, Traveller

Pegasus: Mystery Rummy, Cthulhu

For these games we have the support of the publischers and autors with games, panels and much more.

4 brand new freeform games will touch the castle with a conspiracious atmosphere

3 x accommodation in the castle with breakfast, lunch and dinner for 119€ (rhineview incl.)

More info at Facebook or Welcome to The Eternal Convention - Eternal Conspiracy 2012

Cheers, Darran

Continuum 2014. John Foster Hall, Leicester University. UK.

Friday 25th - Monday 28th July 2014.


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