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The Company: Dodging Bullets and Eating Chips


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I've enjoyed reading The Company. I'm not, per se, a huge fan of the hardcore military genre (I do loves me technothriller), but I appreciate it. Good read, and well worth the price of pdf for me. Clean layout; bookmarked. Worked fine on the iPad as well :)

Two items:

1) The example of play references characters dodging firearms fire. The Ranged Combat rules have both the OQ carryover and a specific reference that only seen, thrown ranged weapons can be dodged. I realize this is to GM taste, but is there an official The Company position? It seems like maybe it was one of those items that changed with play test and not every reference was trapped? Minor.

2) The two scenarios included seem, to my eye, really good and very old school (and nice genre pieces). There's some very interesting tactical considerations in both, and neither of them is a cake walk (even for fans of the genre). The author knows his ops and is a hard, "deal with it" GM.

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