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  1. I would love to hear more about your plans.
  2. My softcover (DTRPG) arrived yesterday, and it looks great. Really enjoying reading it. Top notch work!
  3. Just a brief update - my Call of Cthulhu campaign continues. Other than a few odd reschedules, we've been playing weekly ... pretty much making for a dream-come-true for me of campaigns / games I've always wanted to run. The Florentina Theatre was thoroughly investigated, but the Investigators needed to check themselves in for rabies treatment, and when that was concluded, the trail had gone cold. From there, some recovery including reading, for some, the latest volume from an old author friend, Jackson Elias. And, in early January 1925, off they went to NYC to meet said friend. Yes, they are now well involved in the Masks of Nyarlathotep now. We just wrapped tonight's session with them arriving in Port Said, after an ocean voyage and dealing with ... things in jolly good England. Everyone is having a delightful time. The Marine Biologist is also receiving mental care in a London Hospital after snapping, along with a medium (their old friend from Kingsport, who definitely had a sorry turn of affairs after meeting them again in a London Hotel dining room).
  4. Ha! Perhaps. I am running games pretty much every night, so there's less minutes to read.
  5. I'd agree wholeheartedly after reading through it for the last week. Wonderful city, great sourcebook - comprehensive, and gives a fantastic sense of place.
  6. I'll admit that I didn't catch Fioracitta was for Mythras (core) and not Lyonesse. Something about the cover made me think (assume) it was for Lyonesse. I'm pretty excited to get my copy regardless, of course.
  7. Oh, absolutely. I prefer to do a first read of the printed book, but definitely got the PDF + POD package. Much appreciate the pdf being free for that option!
  8. Just ordered up a softcopy of Fioracitta, so will let you know when it arrives. I usually like to do my first read through a printed book (when I get one).
  9. They are - I'm using that deluxe prop pack in fact. Investigators have been loving the handouts, and it's been pretty easy getting the props uploaded into my Roll20 game.
  10. It's been a while - in addition to the various pandemic and other stresses, both myself and one of the players had deaths in the family. No one was really up for much horror, until more recently. Tonight was the first session since late April. It was something of a slow burn - catching the Investigators up on the events from 5 months ago real time, and 2 weeks of game time. They got together to discuss the case, and what to do next. The artist showed off her new, private galley ... after she described it, I decided it was good for SAN loss (1/3), and that was fantastic. Several members of the group had been given the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce trifold (from Kingsport; Chaosium, 2003), and suggested a weekend vacation at the shore. After arriving, they checked into their hotel and wound up having a nice dinner at Arruda's Original Portuguese Cuisine. As they finished dinner, Delilah pointed out the article in the Kingsport Chronicle regarding the Florentina Theater (and the group is off on Ghosts of the Florentina (More Adventures in Arkham Country; Miskatonic River Press, 2010). I think that'll be a nice, enjoyable, creepy and non-earth shattering investigation.
  11. I haven't glanced at it lately (so many games, so little time), but enjoyed reading it - I got the pdf and POD a bit ago. Definitely on my list of settings I'd happily run. Earlier comments about combining with Monster Island are spot on.
  12. My printed copy arrived today, after some understandable delays. Lovely book, and looking forward to reading it over the next few days.
  13. Definitely - I've been reading their Arkham scenario books lately.
  14. Absolutely. One great highlight is that they read the longer handouts as a group. So, as a GM, I get to just sit back and enjoy a bit of radio play as they take turns reading the various diary entires, pretty much in character. I didn't see that coming, and it's been awesome.
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