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  1. I haven't glanced at it lately (so many games, so little time), but enjoyed reading it - I got the pdf and POD a bit ago. Definitely on my list of settings I'd happily run. Earlier comments about combining with Monster Island are spot on.
  2. My printed copy arrived today, after some understandable delays. Lovely book, and looking forward to reading it over the next few days.
  3. Definitely - I've been reading their Arkham scenario books lately.
  4. Absolutely. One great highlight is that they read the longer handouts as a group. So, as a GM, I get to just sit back and enjoy a bit of radio play as they take turns reading the various diary entires, pretty much in character. I didn't see that coming, and it's been awesome.
  5. Well, put the wraps on most of “None More Black” last night. There may be some follow-ups, as they had just finished dealing with most of the problem at the slaughterhouse. We had one Investigator lose it at the sight of some certain faceless creatures and run off screaming. The Federal Agent and the Photographer (veteran of the Great War) Investigators both got really effective, and lucky - the Agent managed three impales in a row with his handgun, and I’m sure the party has a false sense of security re: use of firearms in dealing with Mythos creatures. Heh. My idea of an Arkham based campaign may be shot by my own improvising. The Biologist had analyzed a sample of The Black under a microscope, and determined it to be unknown and an unknowable weird combination of some kind of skin cells and blood cells. At the Artist’s studio, he sketches a image of the cell structure ... which after some poking, commenting and crazy skills rolls, Dr. Jones feels it resembles some ruins in Tibet he’d been reading about, if one considers it a top-down sketch devoid of context and geographical markers. The Artist, with a minor field of Asian studies (whose Player is the same) then wants to get specific about which ruins. The group engages in a series of hypotheses about ancient Tibet, Asian cultures, and prehistoric unknowns. So, I did meta it a bit - they are great players - that the Tibet connection has isn’t front and center needed for this investigation. However, connections and follow-up .. well, that’s to be seen. And so, Secrets of Tibet, which was ding-and-dent purchase a few years ago for my collector’s sense, is now suddenly getting read and likely to see use. I’ve already found some nice connections for both “None More Black” as well as various Deep One ideas (since several of the Investigators are interested their, given their survival of “Lightless Beacon”). Needless to say, fun times!!
  6. Strange days, and I find myself now running a Call of Cthulhu campaign again, via Roll20 / Discord. It's been a while but enjoying it thoroughly. As mentioned, I'd gotten some sessions of Lightless Beacon run on Roll20 last month - I think I ran it four or five times for different folks. That led to five players collectively being in for a follow-up the fuller Edge of Darkness from the Starter Set. Edge of Darkness took two sessions to get through; we wrapped last night, and with a little bit of time on the clock, the group asked about getting into their next case. So, September of 1923, and Delilah Deckard - a Fine Arts graduate student and Teaching Assistant - noticed some disturbing work from otherwise friendly 2nd year student Michael Resnick. After noting his absence from classes for the next four days, she manages a wellness check on him at his off campus boarding house room and ... Well, horror, right! After the start of the case, I put the session on break and we pick up next Saturday with more None More Black (from Doors to Darkness). From there, I'm debating Servants of the Lake (Doors of Darkness) or Dead Man's Stop (Starter Set / classic, but not in Arkham). Woke up this morning and Delilah's player had sent me sketches that she worked up for Delilah's private art collection. Needless to say, the group seems excited to be playing! Thanks, all!
  7. I have issues one through three of the Arkham Gazette, and was thoroughly enjoying reading them again a few days ago as I sorted through some Arkham campaign ideas.
  8. Wow - they sure do have a deeper CoC line-up at Fantasy Grounds. May have to drop an email to Roll20 now ...
  9. E-Gads! What are you doing here Decapitator?!

  10. Smother fun and smooth run of this one tonight. Great fun!
  11. Just wanted to say that the Roll20 version of Lightless Beacon is a delight to run via Roll20. That Roll20 native version is an excellent translation. I've reintroduced a few old friends and players to CoC this past week using it, and have some sessions coming up for more. I took the time to build a small playlist - mainly weather effects, and the result of being able to have the wind, rain and thunder running as needed in the background really added a great touch. Bonus points that no one can see the Keeper cue said thunder (but one Player jumped!). Ditto - the presentation of handouts and props is seamless and rich (images and text-only). Super easy Keeping. This long time Keeper is very satisfied.
  12. Very handy stuff! I started a small GPC this past weekend - a single in-person player, and chose to start in 480. Well, 479 and had the PK and his NPCish companion PK knighted in 479. I adjusted the prior family histories to have them start at 21 at knighting, with fathers' dead. Good luck to the OP - I'm right there with you.
  13. E-Gads! The Stampede LIVES! 😉


  14. I'm getting ready to run some RuneQuest this weekend (DunDraCon) - this thread was super helpful for me preparing for that given I do have Vishi in the pregen set. Thanks!
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