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  1. Very handy stuff! I started a small GPC this past weekend - a single in-person player, and chose to start in 480. Well, 479 and had the PK and his NPCish companion PK knighted in 479. I adjusted the prior family histories to have them start at 21 at knighting, with fathers' dead. Good luck to the OP - I'm right there with you.
  2. E-Gads! The Stampede LIVES! 😉


  3. I'm getting ready to run some RuneQuest this weekend (DunDraCon) - this thread was super helpful for me preparing for that given I do have Vishi in the pregen set. Thanks!
  4. Yea, I picked up a copy earlier this past week at one of the local game stores (as it came in). Gorgeous, and definitely paints a great picture of what Glorantha looks like (subject to YGMV of course). Nice to get such a colorful, mythic bronze age feel throughout.
  5. My deepest condolences and sympathies to his family, friends, and colleagues. I had the honor and privilege of knowing Greg, sharing a beer, and of having interned in his office and rummaged through his manuscripts for data entry, among other things. I learned a great many things from him. I wish I could recall something profound that he said to me, that I could share, but I can't think of a single thing. Just him asking me questions and his smiling like a knowing shaman when I told him what I had learned.
  6. Ran my first session using Advance Combat this evening with two (2) Players. We really enjoyed it, especially for a small scale skirmish. The options when an attack failed but still generated an Effect really brought home a nice and different feel to the melee. I look forward to some more.
  7. Howdy, Anyone working on / worked up some Revolution d100 GM or Player aids - summaries, references, etc.? Any that folks think would be especially useful? I'm working up a basic character sheet in Apple Pages that does auto calculates of the basic Skills. Thanks, Brian
  8. Very interesting! Going to ponder this prior to the game (which is in 3 hours!!). Also lets me pull in some ideas from items like Graeme Davis' Knights Templar: A Secret History. I suspect the Sunken Lands also has a route or routes to the Lost Lands of the Hollow Earth!
  9. After some discussion with Ben, I'm going to set the Sunken Lands in alt / fantasy Europe, likely in the Alps. Where it will still be a weird jungle in the middle of a mountain range, but at least the European-style medieval kingdom around it are a little more plausible.
  10. It's a small, tiny mention, but the notes re: John Barleycorn and others made me smile. And hum .. "... and these three men made a solemn vow: John Barleycorn must die."
  11. Inquiring minds want to know! The book's been out for a while, and there's two (2) settings released for it as well. What are folks running (or playing)? Any Sherwood Forest or Shade Lands games going? I've run a modern setting game, mystical A-Team style, and I'm set to run a fantasy game tonight. Wondering what others are doing, or planning to do, with their Rd100.
  12. I'd not cry scandal, and while I don't have a real demand for a hardback version, I do like them and would probably pledge to get one (if it were to come around).
  13. Merrie England covers the same general period as the old Columbia Games sourcebook Lionheart, right? Loves me the map on that one.
  14. Damn, I like that idea. That would be an interesting setting. I loves me the Companion idea as well.
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