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  1. As it turns out, rumors that the reviewer was in my "Relic Hunter" game earlier this evening may be true. :-) I hope I didn't negatively impact his standing impression. He's definitely a fun player.
  2. We just wrapped up the session (hopefully the first of a few). Light rules use - some skill checks, a few opposed rolls, and a basic combat. We had the GM (myself), three in-person players and one player dialed in via Skype (audio). I'll look to post some details in the near future, but the combo of system and setting was pretty awesome. The PCs interactions and dialogue was fantastic.
  3. Howdy All, Looks like I'm going to be running a game of Rd100 this coming weekend. It's likely to be a small session - I've got two (2) players so far. I was thinking of something vaguely modern, maybe "open sourcable". I was thinking of something like the old Relic Hunter show (or Friday e 13th) - sort of globe trotting, some supernatural, and such. Riffing it with my friend Ben, we worked it up a bit ... The pitch, as Ben put it: Vagabond mercenary occult treasure hunters. The A-Team meets F13: the Series. I do dig that pitch, too.
  4. Presumably to better support the rewrite of Merrie England.
  5. My copy of Revolution arrived last night, accompanied by a set of the combat cards. Very nice. Have others started to receive and dig into their copies? I very much appreciated the use of ERB's Mars in the character generation section.
  6. Nice. Those would definitely be useful for an Arkwright or similar parallel-jumping game.
  7. Mine arrived the other day. Very nice book - probably my favorite BRP / d100 book to date.
  8. Mine was waiting for me this afternoon, in California, on my return from work. Really crazily well-packed too - not a complaint.
  9. Libre100 is catching with me. I'm not sure - maybe it reminds me of GMT's Napoleonic 20 series. It implies European to me, or at least non made-in-US, which appeals to me from a diversity sense. Libre Revolution 100 is too long, and probably silly
  10. Good question. I think here consolidates a lot of cross-system thought, and likely gets a lot more traffic.
  11. I'm especially interested in the "“Fallback” inserts that will help you hybridize it with other rules." Being a fan of OGL (and GORE and OQ for %), this sounds quite interesting indeed.
  12. I think Ben will forgive you, sir. For myself (having Horror on the Orient Express, among others), MW - or a MW release - would need to reach similar levels. I grabbed Cubicle 7's London boxed set for COC, which prices ~ $90 US. Component-wise I'd expect heavy paper maps, several high quality books, illustrations. Honestly, though, I'd be happy with a 64 - 96 page MW that's well executed, laid out, and crisply done. I think the magic of MW isn't in its volume, really.
  13. Thanks for sharing, Questbird. That sounds awesome!
  14. You roll hard, friend. That takes me back.
  15. Some days I think about a Southern Reaches book / pack / series with more like old wood cut style design (and maps and stat blocks, of course). I don't think MW has a really strong visual theme to stick to. I'm another fan of the MW cover though. I never noticed that either about the tabard.