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rounding numbers


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I'm sorry if it looks stupid or anal retentive, but my internal mathematician screams in pain:

Hit points equal Size plus Constitution divided by 2, rounded up.

and a few sentences after that:

Numbers in OpenQuest are always rounded to the nearest whole number. Always round up from 0.5 and round down from below 0.5.

"rounding up" and "rounding to the nearest whole number" are too different operations, so which of the below should i pick to stop the screaming?

- replace the word "always" with "sometimes"

- replace "rounded up" with "rounded the way it's always done in OpenQuest"

- throw away the entire sentence about rounding in OpenQuest - it doesn't work like this anyway


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Yup this is on the OQ 2 list of things to fix.

The second sentence will get stuck in a highlight box right in the intro chapter, with the title "OpenQuest Rounding Convention", and the note against Constitution (and any other place where my frazzled brain has put an erroneous reference) will be removed.

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