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The company : Body Armour Rule


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When i read the exemple of play

Gavin’s character is wearing what is called Type-4 Company Protective Body Armour (CPBA-4). This armour is designed

to defeat multiple shots from modern combat rifles. It has an armour rating of 19 Armour Points (AP). The AK-47 fires a

7.62x39mm round which has an Armour Penetration Value of (PV) 5 points.

John: Leon’s body armour stops the round from penetrating, please deduct 5 points from his armour’s current rating. However

the kinetic shock knocks Leon prone. This kinetic shock is akin to a taking a fall from 2m. According to the rules, you need to

roll 1d6 to see how many Hit Points damage you take.

But there is no rule for kinetic shock in the book ?!?

Also, it seem that armor rating decrease after each shot (pv value).

Last, as i understand the rule de dammage are : Weapon damage rolled + your Damage Modifier

– Opponent’s Armour Points. but the exemple is different. It block all damage except that kinetic shock....

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