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System for overland travel in BRP


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Are there any standard systems for overland travel in Chaosium BRP or any of the related games? I know that Elric has good stuff for ships (which will be included in Magic World), and I think Runequest may have had something. Harnmaster, which is very BRP-like, has the Pilot's Almanac. But off the top of my head I'm not aware of anything which adds good detail and systems for over land travel.

To give an idea of what I'd look for, the early editions of D&D had some great stuff in terms of hexcrawl-oriented rules in the White Box, AD&D 1e DMG, and IIRC some parts of the B/X and BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia. Dragonquest (SPI) also had some useful stuff in terms of giving concrete overland movement rates and relating them to terrain, encumbrance, and fatigue.

Other important factors I'd look to cover include:

Cost & usage of supplies

Carrying capacity/encumbrance not only of humans but also of mounts, conveyances, and beasts of burden

Living off the land

Detection & evasion

Pathfinding and getting lost

Again, I'd most prefer to know about any official BRP publications that cover these areas; next best would be fan works and systems closely related to BRP (such as HM and RQ/Legend). Of course I'd also welcome pointers to other games whose systems could be adapted. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Ewilen,

I have a set of detailed overland travel rules to be published in Classic Fantasy 2nd edition. They include rules for just about everything your looking for and more.

I have a couple of requests however...

These are rules that are to be published, so I would appreciate it if they stayed between you and your group.

I would like to know how they work out in play. I have used them myself, but would like some blind testing. So some feedback would be great.

So if your interested, send me your e-mail via a private message and I will send it off to you.


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