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OpenQuest 2/River of Heaven/The Company/Cthulhu Rising updates April


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Hi all

Thought it be time to keep people updated with what's going on with the D101 family of D100 games.

OpenQuest 2

This is my absolute priority at the moment. The core-rule book is nearly laid out and the Pdf should be with the people who pre-ordered next week. Work has started in earnest with the expanded supplements (Life and Death + The Savage North) and Here Be Dragons is art complete. So looking at Corebook in May with Supplements either being delivered the same time or one every month until July. Its turned out to be a crazy big project which has been held up by family illness, so I thank all the people who pre-ordered for their patience and good will. ETA Late spring 2013

River of Heaven

We have a full text draft, which had a bit of last minute tweaking done to it to iron out a few kinks in the rules. Currently in the Art Commissioning phase, which has been lengthened by the original artist's style not really fitting what I have envisioned for RoH. So a new search commenced, which took longer than expected because RPG Sci-Fi artists are few and far between. Finally have a candidate, but currently in mid-test drive. The big road block of course is OQ2, so once I've got the OQ2 core book in pre-orderers hands I'll be happy to start a Kickstarter campaign for RoH. No point in starting a RoH KS before OQ2 has been fulfilled ;) However thanks to feed back here we've got a very good idea of what we are going to be doing for stretch goals (hint: Adventures and more gameable content :) ) ETA Summer 2013.

The Company

We have stuff ready to go, "The Red Book" companion and some adventures, but Rik (the Author) is currently recovering from a pretty major illness. So I've taken the decision to wait until Rik is completely right and happy to return to have an active role putting the books together. In the meantime I'll continue to promote and support the rulebook, with the possibly of other supplements being developed by other authors. Both me and Rik are very happy by the number of you that have already picked up the rulebook.

Cthulhu Rising

Once River of Heaven is done we will be starting on this one in earnest. Currently I'll be doing a big review of the content we have to play with. This includes not only the rule system (OQ2/River of Heaven), and old monographs but also the wealth of supplements that used to be on the old CR website.

One caveat to all of the above. D101 is essentially me working part time in my spare time plus a couple of helpers, so our release schedule is subject to delays due to personal issues.

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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Guest Vile Traveller

D101 is essentially me working part time in my spare time plus a couple of helpers, so our release schedule is subject to delays due to personal issues.

Helpers!! You have helpers! Man, you've hit the big time ... ;t)

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