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[Superworld] COBRA vs. The Galactor Group


COBRA vs. Galactor Group  

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  1. 1. COBRA vs. Galactor Group

    • COBRA!
    • The Galactor Group
    • General Bison's Street Fighter army
    • Ernst Blofeld should sue them both for copyright infringement

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Both are international terrorist organizations funded by crime. Both garb their fanatically loyal troops in colorful (garish?) uniforms and arm them with advanced weaponry. Both have a liking for exotic military vehicles: COBRA seems to have a mobile weapons platform for every possible battlefield while the Galactor Group favors massive animal-shaped robots. Both armies are led by a hierarchy of increasingly outrageous bosses with varied areas of expertise. Both organizations are opposed by an elite team of special soldiers. Both evil groups apparently have deep pockets since they can lose battle after battle with the good guys yet still fund their next scheme.

So, in a bad guy smack down, who triumphs: COBRA (G.I. Joe) or The Galactor Group (Gatchaman)?

May the best, er, worst group of malefactors win! >:>

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