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"A Nation Ransomed" -- fun so far


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I recently got a copy of "A Nation Ransomed," which contains four adventures, winners of the 2011 BRP Adventure Contest. So far, it's a good read. Steve Devaney's "The Skull of the Sleeper" was written as a fantasy quest set on a tropical isle, but I couldn't help but feel it would run fine as-is with modern, or pulp adventure, player-characters. It feels like one of those South Sea adventures so popular before World War II, crossed with a lost worlds yarn. The titular scenario, R.J. Christensen's "A Nation Ransomed," is a taunt Tom Clancy-style technothriller with nasty consequences if the PCs fail. It gives the option for superheroic adventurers, although powers won't necessarily make their job easier.

More when I've read more. ;)

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