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Obscure references in BRP supplements.


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Does anyone recognise that the reference to the Dropa race in Dragon Lines (page 93) goes back to long debunked hoax? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dropa_stones And did anyone catch the reference to a place called Battuta in Atlas of the Young Kingdoms (page 106) which is the name of the Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Battuta I'm just wondering what other obscure references I've missed in various other BRP supplements? Do any of you have any?

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The armed forces of Phanos are called: The Spear of Destiny (space forces) and the Shield of Truth (defense forces).

Other obscure references in Cydoria include: The name of the aero-ship is the Tonbo, which is Japanese for Dragonfly, because Firefly was too obvious.

It's captain is Kak Resko instead of Mal Reynolds (moving a letter up and down, then using the Czech version of the name Reynolds). His illustration is based on Timothy Hutton.

Ku-Bawa-Mavu is Swahili for "Big Wasp".

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