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Any Classical Era Templates?


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WEll now that i actually understand the system well enough, i was wondering if there were any templates for classical/hellenistic era NPCs/enemies. Mostly soldiers, since that is what the game i run is in, the army/navy. i know i use a rather modified pirate from the core book for the enemy pirate captains (since the most pirates were poorly trained farmers and such) Wondering if they have any for regular army peoples from a historical standpoint

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You could look at the on-line Enemy generator that was done for RQ6, that can put out groups of NPCs that could easily be changed to meet your BRP need.

There are several more applications that do groups of NPCs for various version of RQ which would be close enough for BRP.

Here's a Lankhmarine from MGP's Lankhmar book based on their Runequest II/Legend game that might help you.


Combat Styles

War Sword 118%, Unarmed 54%


Type Size Reach Damage AP/HP Range

War sword M M 1D8 6/10 —

Unarmed S S 1D3 As for Arm —

Special Rules

Combat Actions:4

Strike Rank: +12 (+16)

Skills: Athletics 53%, Boating 47%, Evade 83%,

Influence 32%, Lore (World) 39%, Perception 62%,

Persistence 50%, Resilience 63%, Swimming 53%,

Language (Native) 73%, Survival 32%, Shiphandling 42%

Typical Armour: Ringmail shirt and leather trews (–4 penalty)


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yeah, i wanted to do it within regular human standards, since the game i run doesn't use supernatural/magical/etc. basically no skills over 80% for anyone in game, it's a straight historical army/navy game.

Also where would i find this? just a quick google search?

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Where would you find what?

The enemy generator link can be found on the DM forum.


A web search for 'runequest character generator' will find other stuff plus I think there's a link in the Mongoose Legend forum somewhere. I think that there is a BRP chargen program done by a German programmer that you might find with 'BRP character generator'.

Not sure how hard it is to take the stats I posted and adjust them to suit your game but if you can't manage that then the various generators probably aren't going to help you.


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