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How do You Handle Creatures that Attach to the Characters?


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How do you handle creatures with attacks that attach to the characters? For example a constrictor snake that coils around a characters leg or a rubble runner that locks it jaws on a characters arm.

What do you do if the affected character wants to attack the creature that is attached to his leg? Is the attack easy?

What if a 3rd party attacks the snake? Does he have a chance to hit his friend?

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I would use the grapple rules on p60-p61 of the BGB for immobilising a limb, or strangulation if it is crushing the torso or neck. Defenders can try and parry with a grapple of their own, dodge or use at STR vs STR roll to break free. Attacking the creature can be made at normal chance if using small weapons or by brawling and grappling. Using any medium or large weapons would be problematic due to the closeness of the combat, and should incur a hefty penalty.

I would also add a significant risk of self injury, if a snake is wrapped around your leg and you chop it in half what happens to your leg. I guess you could have any excess damage blow through to the PC's limb just like with shields. Any armour worn in the hit location would still offer protection.

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