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So I was wondering if anyone else had tried to uses BRP for Pacific Rim? and I was wondering if other people would like to discuss the topic.

I've dable a bit using BRP : Mecha and while I think the fighting aspect is surely workeable enough (although you sorta end up with Jaeger whoses Weight end up fairly similiar and the power output is unknown) I've also been trying to figure out a way to include some sort of managing aspect involving for what happen outside of combat (Although I mostly have idea at the moment, but no real mechanic) sorta was thinking that how one behave in a fight trying to save infrastructure, people and all result in gaining political and popular support (but trying to figure out it affect the Jaeger is a bit hazy, so far I was thinking that it affect the level of repair a Jaeger get after each fight or something like that)

Kaiju cultist make for some good out of the suit ennemies.

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Hi Redem, maybe it would be a much better idea to post this in the general BRP section, or ask Trifletraxor to move it there. Many people might miss this post if it is in this section.

As for your "out of the suit" mechanics, you must first determine if you want a "resource handling" mechanics like that in the X-Com series, where you gain financial support from UN countries depending on how much damage you avoided to each of them, or something different. In the former case, you can use the Status rules on pages 17, 107 and 110 of BRP Mecha as a guideline, with the pilots' performance during their last battle acting either as a reason for a Status improvement roll or as a temporary modifier for their next Status roll.

In the latter case, instead, you should simply use the Motivation rules to regulate how meaningful and climactic scenes, either in-battle or out-of-battle, influence a pilot's performance. These rules are designed to allow anything meaningful to impact your game: for instance, you can have players describe flashbacks like the one Mako experiences while Drifting for the first time to generate Fate for use in the next fight.

For all the rest, includin Kaiju cultists, the Big Gold Book is guaranteed to have an answer.

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