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Cult of the Eternal Void now available as a pdf!


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For those who recognize this title as a RQ6 release from Solace Games, it's now a Magic & Flintlock release instead. Just clearing that up first.


I'm also mentioning it here because of the Appendix conversions that allow it to be used with Legend.


Check out our new product for Magic & Flintlock!


Enter the madness of the chaotic void and those that follow and worship it.


The void is a swirling mass of chaos where madness inducing creatures live and plot to eventually take over the known world. Powerful gods are worshipped that slowly send their agents into our world to corrupt and twist the essence of the very fleshy fabric of all mortals.

Luckily they cannot just enter into our world at will, but unfortunately they have to corrupt mortal flesh to do so.


A large cult exists that worships the void and seeks to gain its end goal of world domination.  The four branches of the cult make up factions all unto themselves but many of the front and public factions put on an air of goodness to fool others and bring the public into the fold so they can further the will of the void.


In this product you will find:

5 new backgrounds

13 new professions

4 new factions that can be expanded to create numerous different factions

14 new divine spells

10 new sorcery spells

A new type of magic called void magic with 58 starting spells!


Also full conversion rules for the most popular d100 games on the market today!


Delve into the madness of the void and see what crawls out...


Get it here for only $4 USD!

Get all our products at our website: www.devotedpublishing.com

Check Solace Games out on Facebook here!

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