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  1. I have been looking into running a one shot sword & sorcery game at Necronomicon 2019. Originally I was going with Desolation, a Ubiquity system rpg that is out of print. OpenQuest strikes me as the next best thing. While it does not have the spontaneous magic system from Desolation, OpenQuest magic can be tweaked to make it a little darker. Plus I would like to support an available product that utilizes the Open Game License.
  2. I blame my new glasses on the triple post.
  3. Sorry about the triple post. I image most of those rules could be ported over. Did the Design Mechanism doing anything with them?
  4. For psionics there is always the unofficial Space Opera rules they came up with for Runequest 6th edition.
  5. Atgxtg, You wouldn't happen to have a source on the OGL being a Trojan horse? I am doing a school project on the OGL and digitized games, and would like to include that perspective.
  6. I looked up Triplanetary to see the legal status of that novel. It should have passed into the public domain, but there was a later revised and copyright version in the early 50's. I always wanted to do a monograph madam Corelli's Romance of Two Worlds. Edison's Conquest of Mars is definitely in the public domain.
  7. If you are looking for more modern day professions I have a file in the downloads section for pulp era professions. I also have a couple of files for "edges" essentially a blending of common magic and legendary abilities.
  8. It's okay. I was a little disappointed with their psychic powers. They just took a bunch of Common Magic and called them psionic powers.
  9. p_clapham

    D&D Edges

    I've uploaded a new file with more edges.
  10. I was thinking the first one takes too much of a penalty. While +5 to damage is nice, a starting character would only have 10% or 20% to hit. Feels a bit unusable to me, unless you are attacking a helpless foe. Taking a -20% to increase the weapon die by one step feels like a better option. It also makes the edge similar to back stab, where a edge has a situational requirement for the edge to function.
  11. I've got a couple of ideas on how I want to do the Power Attack edge, and was looking for some feedback on it. I've got two ideas, which more or less do the same thing (trading accuracy for power), but go about it in different ways. Power attack Any Close Combat Style or Unarmed 50% Self, Instant The character is able to sacrifice accuracy for power in close combat. As a free action the character can activate this edge as part of a close combat attack. For every -10% the character takes in penalty to hit, they add +1 to the weapon damage, to a maximum of -50% to hit. The power atta
  12. Can my LGS order the hardcover, or is it only available direct from you?
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