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[River of Heaven] Who are the Intercessionists?

Marcus Bone

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They are mentioned often in the RoH rulebook, but little is said about their motives or goals, or even who they are.


At a guess they are Loki's (the 8th AI) attempt to combat its brothers (i.e. the Machine Civilisations).


Any thoughts? I am hoping they will be detailed further in the RoH companion out soonish...



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I think too that they are Loki's agent.


Loki grants to the intercessionists a kind of immortality since it can transfer their mind to a clone of their old bodies.

A human who enlists in the organization (an alpha agent) is promised that his mind and memories wont be modified.

I think that Loki mostly keeps his part of the bargain. Only traumatic memories are removed.


Loki never promised anything about copying minds. Those copies (the beta agents) can and will have their mind and memories modified.


At first Loki had two goals :

-to contact the others AI

-to guide humanity to a next stage of evolution (Loki has a good grasp of the human mind thanks to its experiences on the beta agents)


When the contact with the others AI went badly, as the old god did, Loki swore vengeance to the machine civilization and decided to help the redemptionists in their quest.


Those are my unofficial ideas on the subject



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