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  1. Making no claim to this information but here's what I've been able to gather (and will updating with @Rick Meints's comments) - https://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=2754 For full disclosure my insights all come from the Acaeum (https://www.acaeum.com) a website and forum dedicated to the collection of Dungeons & Dragons material (and other RPGs, of course), as well as Wayne's books (http://www.waynesbooks.com/ElricStormbringer.html#Prior) - a great place to get your second hand gems btw!
  2. Nothing new really on the wiki itself, except to say that it has had a (very manual) transfer to a new platform and an update of the style, but hey I'd thought I'd share anyway - https://unboundbook.org/TotK-wiki/doku.php?id=start This is the actual play record of my regular gaming group's run through of - what I believe is the best, most 'true' Call of Cthulhu campaign ever released - Tatters of the King. The players all loved this game, and this record is testament to that fact (I unfortunately missed being a player as I was a new father at the time with a new job to boot!). I do have a number of mp3 recordings of the sessions, but as I'm sure everyone can appreciate the personal recording technology at the time (2006... OMG 15 years ago!) was a bit limited and they are very rough. Add on to that, the fact that these were done really just for me and I'm sure you can understand that they might never be in a fit state to share (I'll try but lots of editing is needed on each session!). Now if I could ever complete these various Call of Cthulhu scenarios I have floating about on my old Hard Drives I can die a happy man! Regards, Binder (Marcus)
  3. My advice is that you can't go wrong with anything published after 4th edition (although you'd have to do a bit of conversion work depending on what edition you are running the adventures for). For scenarios alone, Perils of the Young Kingdom is a personal favourite, while The Unknown East is an excellent supplement for opening up the setting. Marcus
  4. Hi All, I've released a new scenario of Stormbringer 5th edition over on www.stormbringerrpg.com - The Brides of Pyaray. Chaos hides everywhere amidst the Young Kingdoms, fanned by the desires of mere mortals who lust for riches, power or eternity. In even the most law abiding of communities the worshippers of chaos can thrive, hidden in plain sight! In The Brides of Pyaray, the characters are lured into a mystery of their own making, where their desire to make good leads to an adventure offering dire consequences… does one dare ask; what indeed beckons the brides of the Tentacled Whisperer of Impossible Secrets? You can find it as a free pdf here - http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=3695
  5. And I've ordered. Over the years I've run and played quite a lot of Dark Ages Cthulhu (and was lucky enough to talk with Chad almost a decade ago about the core of this new edition as it stood then). So I'm looking forward to updating some of my home brew scenarios to the 7th edition mechanics... Marcus
  6. Right, so I'm not an admin here on this forum anymore but please @RogerDee & @Atgxtg can we refrain from personal attacks and use of bad language? I understand we have all different ways to interpret the EC Multiverse and that there are a myriad of ways of playing those out at the game table, but we really need to respect each other's opinions. Marcus
  7. Feel free to update any of the Resource material (http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?page_id=2888) found on the Stormbringerrpg.com site. All legally able to be used (although you'll need to do the 'automation' yourself, sorry).
  8. Oh of course @Newt. I'm neck deep in IP management in my day job, so fully understand!
  9. Hey there! I don't think you need to apologise, your impressions are much like mine - a great game that needs a bit more work in layout and design. I'm sure @Newt understands this as well, and has released the revised version to show that the game is constantly evolving and growing... I'm tempted to try to do a sample of a revised - easier to follow layout :P Marcus
  10. I've tried to consolidate all this info over at http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=2754. Happy to hear more and grow this post!
  11. Fantastic News that this is coming our real soon! And really keen to review the 'refreshed' edition of the core rules are well! Well done @Newt!!!
  12. Something very, very special finds its way to the pages of Stormbringerrpg.com - Inhabitable Dreams, a Tournament-style scenario by our own Richard Watts! Inhabitable Dreams pits four brave nobles from Dhakos - the famed City of Spires - against an evil unleashed by the Grand Theocrat of Pan Tang. First released to an unsuspecting world in 1992, this adventure has been updated to 5th edition, and completes complete with 4 well-rounded, pre-generated characters and a few handouts to enhance your game play! Grab a download now at - http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=2727
  13. Oh heck yes! Good idea! I love Dark Ages and this would work well with the addition of the horror/San mechanics...
  14. It was excellent Dirk - I've posted a link to it over my SB site (as per my signature) so hopefully others will find it as well! Any plans for further adventures with the RMR team? Marcus
  15. Sort of... A) on a personal note I quit a job, got a pretty full on contract and put my time into my SB website (see below) B) One thing that really hit me going through this process (here and on the SB facebook site) is that everyone has a different idea of what an updated version would look like. Never say, never, but at the moment we can call it 'paused' Marcus
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