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  1. Sorcerers of Pan Tang

    Not at the moment. With SB having no English licensee everything is in limbo in regards to the the old titles. I do note that if you've previously purchased PDFs through Drivethru etc. they still exist in your library however, which is nice (although I know this doesn't help you, Pittel). Marcus
  2. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Previous comment removed...
  3. Horsechester, a Magic World monograph

    Sorry to resurrect the dead, but did this ever come out in any type of format? I know that there were rumours of a MW Companion (in which it might appear), however I suppose that ended up on the scrap heap with the whole of MW. I was thinking with the recent release of Chaosium's licencing standards (Fan or Small Publisher), that there might be a future these products? Marcus
  4. So I've been watching a lot of different things on television of late (and I don't usually watch TV), and they've stirred together into a setting that I think would suit the Magic World mechanics. Five hundred years ago, the sorcerer Helica rose to power. Under his influence the Empire of Alcania rose to prominence, growing from a small city state to be the conquerors of much of the known world. But while Alcania brought with it learning, knowledge and science, it left behind compassion, loyalty and the ideals of freedom. Thousands were enslaved to do Helica's bidding, acting as his warriors in the battles against the free races and as the labour to build his monuments of power and glory. After 200 years of rule, Helica was finally struck down, not in any battle against the dwindling free people, but rather from within, when Gratanius, his mightiest General, removed the Emperor's head from his shoulders. Driven by his own lust for power, the Empire under Gratanius was ever more blood thirsty. But Alcania now lacked a leader powerful enough to bring together such a diverse collection of bodies and minds, and soon the General himself was deposed. And so it has been for the last 300 years, with each successful ruler rising to the throne on the blood of the one before, but with each generation the size and influence shrinking. Today the Empire is large and formidable, but thankfully more interested in political infighting, than war with the flourishing free peoples. However, in the lands that have long been abandoned by the Empire a new threat has arisen, and some whisper that it is Helica who has returned seeking his vengeance. I see the setting as bit of a combination of the fall of the Roman Empire sprinkled in with a bit of Lord of the Rings. The Empire is very striated, in regards to class, privilege and power, and as such is so inwards focused that it can't see its own position weakening while others strengthen.Throw into this an element of dark magic and a corrupting influence spreading across the land,and I think it would make for an interesting setting. I might flesh these out more here in the future...
  5. Parry and Shields

    This is just about perfect for filling that gap in the SB rules. I guess the challenge is always going to be that during character creation investing skill points in shield never seems to be a worthwhile option. At the risk of going off topic, I've tinkered with a house-rule that modifies Initiative based on your weapons and armour (existentially you have a normal Dex for most rolls and a 'Combat Dex' which is used in battles). The idea that large shields allow more 'free' parries would, IMO, sync nicely with that (i.e. larger shields have more of a Combat Dex penalty). Marcus
  6. In The Quiet Lands - MW Fan Setting

    So not to necro this threat too much (yet), but should I claim copyright on this KS from Green Ronin https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/504269797/the-lost-citadel-post-apocalyptic-fantasy-roleplay I do hope to produce a bit of an update for my (In the Quiet Lands) setting shortly BTW... Marcus
  7. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    I really like this idea. How to implement it is the challenge, especially, as I previously mentioned the BRP has no way of reinforcing play outside of the social contract (barring the Sanity rules). Does this mean a Young Kingdoms game should actually be based on the Fate system or the Apocalypse Engine? No, because then you lose the other aspect of gaming from such proscriptive mechanics - that being freedom of character. As you say Reign, the characters need to have the illusion of free choice, but the reality is that are but puppets (played by unseen hands) of some unknowable Passion Play. This is why I like to make my adventures challenge the players beliefs and concepts of change - you don't need mechanics when your players are arguing about whether they should kill an NPC or no based on the fact he may, or may not, kill innocent people the future*. I guess this is why I always see the Balance as a fulcrum (as I've previous raised in other topics), much like the Passions system is in Pendragon. But how to translate to a 100% system is quite a bit harder than I first imagined... Marcus * - This was the premise of one adventure I once ran.
  8. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Oh, I'm sure they didn't. But then you don't need to know that you are agents of the Balance; you just are. In fact, as I might have stated earlier, I really see the characters - no matter what their skill level - as 'victims' of Mistress Fate and the Balance, rather than truly their agents. IMHO Stormbringer's central conceit is that the characters the roles given to them - they bring order to Chaos and disrupt Law. This means even when they don't mean to they are movers and shakers in the world (or Multiverse). I personally think players should embrace this style of play. For example, in Call of Cthulhu investigators should expect to encounter the mythos and come out the other side a little less sane, and in D&D the heroes should need no encouragement to explore dungeons and fighting dragons (small ones at first obviously :P); as an extension then, in Stormbringer the characters make hard choices and change realities. But back to your concerns, yes enacting this concept in game mechanics isn't easy, not without offering some sort off incentives (be they positive or negative). BRP derivative games don't really have mechanics that reinforce a style of play (it instead provides a game system upon which a GM hangs his narrative hooks, it does not drive play in a session). So how to do this without adding another mechanical subsystem? I'm not sure yet, but I think it would be fun to explore the options. Marcus P.S. I hope no of that sounded pretentious, it wasn't meant to be - rather I've thought a lot about this subject over the years... maybe a little too much
  9. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Hi Colin, I'm personally not a big fan of the earlier editions, and while I do think their 'craziness' has a place, its not for me. I'm a big fan of point-buy systems so will be looking to utilise that as an option for Character Gen. I'd stay away from random, but will likely look to ensure minimums (I mean we are creating heroes here, right, not peasants?). The Allegiance System has never been a happy one for me - it never really reflected Fate or being agents of the Balance (which in my mind all characters are). I'm leaning towards a system that rewards the characters for staying close to the Balance. Sanity rules don't really mesh with my ideas, but some sort of madness mechanics might be something worth exploring, especially for characters leaning towards Chaos). I don't know about the majority of Moorcock fans but I think the later novels, while better written stories, were never as interesting or dynamic as the earlier Elric was. This older version is what I'll more focused on. Hope that doesn't sound too pushie, but you raise a good point; is my ideas of the ideal SB the same as everyone else's? Maybe not... Marcus
  10. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    You're right it should be Communications! Mechanisms might be a good name for this...
  11. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Suggested Skill List To follow on from yesterday, this is my suggested 5.5 Skill List for non-combat skills (These are presented as Name - Change from 5th/MW - Skill Category). Awareness - Combines Search, Sense/Smell - Perception Art - Unchanged from 5th (Uf5th) - Communication Athletics - Combines Jump, Swim, Climb into one skill - Physical Bargain - Unchanged - Communication Evaluate - Unchanged - Knowledge Engineer - Combine Repair/Devise and Trap - Knowledge Craft - Unchanged (except where noted) - Manipulation Disguise - Unchanged - Communication Dodge - Unchanged - Physical Fast Talk - Unchanged - Communication Hide - Unchanged - Physical Insight - Unchanged - Perception Known Kingdoms - Unchanged - Knowledge Million Spheres - Unchanged - Special (starts at 0%) Move Quietly - Unchanged - Manipulation Natural World - Unchanged - Knowledge Navigate - Unchanged - Knowledge Oratory - Unchanged - Communication Other Language - Unchanged - Special (starts at 0%) Own Language - Unchanged - Knowledge Physik - Unchanged - Knowledge Pick Lock - Unchanged - Manipulation Potions - Unchanged - Knowledge Ride - Unchanged - Physical Sail - Unchanged - Physical Scribe - Unchanged - Knowledge Sleight of Hand - Removed from Craft and combine with Conceal Object - Manipulation Track - Unchanged - Perception Unknown Kingdoms - Unchanged - Special (starts at 0%) In Skill Category Order - Special - Million Spheres, Other Language, Unknown Kingdoms Communication - Art, Bargain, Disguise, Fast Talk, Oratory Physical - Athletics, Dodge, Hide, Ride, Sail Knowledge - Engineer, Evaluate, Natural World, Own Language, Navigate, Physik, Potions, Scribe Perception - Awareness, Insight, Track Manipulation - Craft, Move Quietly, Pick Lock, Sleight of Hand
  12. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Character Creation It seems logical to look at Character Creation first and foremost in a revision. Below are the areas that I'm interested in revisiting (and streamlining). Defining Archetypes - Keep 5th's (and MW's) Cultures and Professions, or replace with more lifepath (yet to be defined) style of characters? Characteristic Generation - Random rolling or point allocation? Base line 2D6+6 for all 'human' characters or mixed based on Characteristic (i.e. 3D6 for STR, etc. 2D6+6 for those needing a higher base)? Skill Starting point - Keep Skill Category Modifiers (as per MW), or create a new 'Aptitude' system? Allocate point as desired or provide allotments (again as per MW)? Skill List - Keep 5th's skills or revise (i.e.I've always been keen on combining skills like Jump, Swim, etc. as a single Athletics skill, etc.). Look to change names of some skills to better reflect their uses ('Trap' can be incorporated into 'Repair/Devise', could 'Repair/Devise' be renamed as Engineer?) Allegiances - Better define what these mean and usage. I think that covers this portion of the rules. Happy to discuss. Marcus
  13. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Hi All, I've recently been thinking about creating a SB 5.5 rule set (much like Pagan Publishing did way back in the 90s for Call of Cthulhu in their Unspeakable Oath zine). What do I mean by this? Well, going back to the ELRIC! and 5th edition rule sets (maybe even 4th?) and revamping the variables for a more streamline style of mechanical play (as is the trend these days; unified dice mechanics . This would likely be more around the skill names and descriptions, magical abilities and other things like that, rather than the core mechanics (i.e. what dice you roll, the names of the stats, etc.). Am I barking up the wrong tree on this? Or something worth doing as an exercise on this forum even? Marcus
  14. I need some help.

    Me neither. I'll be honest and say that I do have PDFs of every english SB/Elric product officially released, but these are for my own personal use only (and involved the 'deaths' of a number of physical, and might I say expensive, books). Unfortunately I don't think any of the existing books will ever see the light of day again, but that being said most can still be found for a manageable price on ebay. Marcus
  15. Printing Chaos cults and gods of law

    The fonts should be embedded... I'll check and re-upload. There is no issue from my end in printing the documents... Marcus