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  1. Oh of course @Newt. I'm neck deep in IP management in my day job, so fully understand!
  2. Hey there! I don't think you need to apologise, your impressions are much like mine - a great game that needs a bit more work in layout and design. I'm sure @Newt understands this as well, and has released the revised version to show that the game is constantly evolving and growing... I'm tempted to try to do a sample of a revised - easier to follow layout :P Marcus
  3. I've tried to consolidate all this info over at http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=2754. Happy to hear more and grow this post!
  4. Fantastic News that this is coming our real soon! And really keen to review the 'refreshed' edition of the core rules are well! Well done @Newt!!!
  5. Something very, very special finds its way to the pages of Stormbringerrpg.com - Inhabitable Dreams, a Tournament-style scenario by our own Richard Watts! Inhabitable Dreams pits four brave nobles from Dhakos - the famed City of Spires - against an evil unleashed by the Grand Theocrat of Pan Tang. First released to an unsuspecting world in 1992, this adventure has been updated to 5th edition, and completes complete with 4 well-rounded, pre-generated characters and a few handouts to enhance your game play! Grab a download now at - http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=2727
  6. Oh heck yes! Good idea! I love Dark Ages and this would work well with the addition of the horror/San mechanics...
  7. It was excellent Dirk - I've posted a link to it over my SB site (as per my signature) so hopefully others will find it as well! Any plans for further adventures with the RMR team? Marcus
  8. Sort of... A) on a personal note I quit a job, got a pretty full on contract and put my time into my SB website (see below) B) One thing that really hit me going through this process (here and on the SB facebook site) is that everyone has a different idea of what an updated version would look like. Never say, never, but at the moment we can call it 'paused' Marcus
  9. Another contributor passes on... very sad but also a time of celebration of his work (I remember watching his Real Ghostbuster episode on Collect Call of Cthulhu when I was knee high to a grasshopper)...
  10. Nice idea... I'd be up for supporting that... maybe its a way to revive my old MW fansite?
  11. Thanks Rick! Appreciate the insight...
  12. Hi Rick, Looking at the various data points I know of (none being very scientific, sorry). I'd say the number is in the dozens - say up to 50 dedicated fans in its present sent form... twice that many curious bystanders. I'd be interest to know MW sale numbers over its lifetime myself... couldn't be too high I suspect. As for the main setting (Southern Reach), I do think a number of fans have a bit of a bad taste in their mouths over the discontinuation of the line - nothing personal against Chaosium as it makes sense commercial and practically (you and the team have done fantastically to revive the company and raise the level of professionalism) - but the community was very 'dedicated' to the structure that was in place back then! Thanks, also for the clarification re: the Licenses, your explanation of the Commercial version definitely makes it more appealing... Marcus
  13. Totally agree! It's a hard line to row.
  14. Having investigated an MW licence and then done the sums on estimated sales vs cost and effort, it doesn't quite work out (remembering that this ain't going to be a full time gig, and you're restricted in profit)... Might be better to go do an OpenQuest route... or a different open system (for example Savage Worlds with its much larger fan base). That does sound very negative, but I do appreciate what Chaosium is doing with the Fan/Commercial licences, it's just that for a game with a limited foundation as MW I can't see it really working as yet. I'm sure someone, sometime will take the leap and grab a licence (hell, it might even be me), but until then... Marcus
  15. Hey! I would say it best suits a slow burn, wilderness style stories. Lots of travel, discoveries and lost ruins to explore. I treat it as almost a post-apocalyptic setting, where the adventurers are visitors to locations untouched by mortals in decades or more. OpenQuest works well as it is simple, easy to teach and learn, and is pretty brutal in combat. I've only ever run one-shot stories (with a couple of reoccurring characters). Can't add to the comparisons to MERP or TOR unfortunately, as I've not played either. Cheers!
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