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  1. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    I think this is a good way to go, Newt. I say that as I find its the little things that always block my mental efforts to get things completed (that and a fear of failure :P). I say - get the Companion out and then on to bigger and better things Marcus
  2. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Damn yes... I should get this done! Sorry new contract role has had me working long hours and not much free brain space for gaming Will attempt to throw the last bits together in the next week...
  3. I've plastered everywhere else, so why not here - 😀 Hi All! It was my pleasure to recently interview John R. White, the last author to have material officially published during Mongoose Publishing's, intense, but short lived, foray in the worlds of the Eternal Champion. You can read more over at http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=2270 Marcus
  4. Marcus Bone

    Moorcock thanked in the new RQG!

    Just a note, I have contact Michael directly as to why I made the statement I did, and this is now happily cleared up. As a big MW and Chaosium fan in general, I like the direction that Michael and the rest of the team are going with all their lines (even the new RQ looks really cool and I'm not a RQ fan :P)
  5. Marcus Bone

    Moorcock thanked in the new RQG!

    I would note that I stated on something like this - right here on this forum - but even getting people to agree on a skill list was nigh impossible
  6. Marcus Bone

    Moorcock thanked in the new RQG!

    Me three... the biggest shame is that despite what Chaosium have previous stated, they aren't interested in licensees of the mechanics... Marcus
  7. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Totally understand... no harm intended and I fully support everthing d101 😀 Marcus
  8. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    All this RoH Talk has got my creative juices flowing... so I'm a few days away from a first draft of my own fan adventure...
  9. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Cheers Newt! Good to hear that RoH is to get more love... I look forward to the companion when it comes out... All good things take time
  10. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Thanks Conrad!
  11. Marcus Bone

    River of Heaven Companion?

    Hi Newt! Just wondering if you could give us an update on the state of the Companion? I wasn't in a position at the time of the KS to be involved at the higher level pledges... and so I was wondering its current status? No harm and no foul, just a curious mind who is about to prep a RoH adventure to play with friends Marcus
  12. Marcus Bone

    Integrating Ideas from CoC7th into Magic World.

    Hi Oni, Thought I'd throw a few comments up... - After now playing 7th edition, I've discovered that it actually slows games down (not too much), especially in regards to the Difficulty level... I prefer a simple flat 'roll under' number that BRP traditionally uses, as what happen now is that the Keepers (or 7th Ed scenarios) are always looking to have the characters roll 'Hard' or 'Extreme' rolls. BRP type characters are already pushing it to roll under on skills that they only invested a few points in.... - Bonus and Penalty Dice really screw up success/failure chances... again for little benefit. If you have a hit skill already it adds little and if you have a low skill (say default 10%) then all you're getting is another 1 in 10 chance to succeed. - I find it funny, in a weird way that they added the Difficulty and Bonus Dice mechanics, but removed the Resistance table (which was a prefect generic tool) as being too difficult to use. That might sound all too negative, but on the whole I've enjoyed the 7th ed games I've played in... plenty that I do like... Marcus
  13. Marcus Bone

    Stormbringer 6th, without the Young Kingdoms?

    My thoughts exactly - and talking to others I get the feeling they think the same - the age of a NEW Stormbringer is over, the IP isn't worth anything beyond aging fans etc. That's not to say there isn't a place for a game, but maybe more as a play set for another existing system (Stormbringer Fiasco anyone?)... One thing I found also (as you will find searching through the older posts on this board), there is no such thing as a united vision for EC gaming - Hey I couldn't even get people to agree on the skill list Marcus
  14. Marcus Bone

    Escaping the end of the world

    Just as an aside, in the one big campaign of Stormbringer I've been involved in, the characters all ended up dying in the Sacking of the Dreaming City... a fitting end for a group of not so nice warriors of the Balance.
  15. Marcus Bone

    What about 13th Age Stormbringer?

    While my preference is for a BRP derivative for Stormbringer... if some one writes a conversion, I'm more than happy to host it on my SB site! Marcus