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RQ6 GM Screen


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Perhaps it would be useful to have a GM Screen thread here - instead of having the GM screen ideas spread all over. 

Close Combat Situational Modifiers For RQ6

In my quest towards perfect GM Screen for RQ6 I gathered all the close combat situational modifiers into one table. 
It now contains the usual ones (fighting in pitch black darkness, partial darkness, blinded, while prone and so on). In addition it has the shorter reach for those of you playing with Reach rules. I added also the fatigue effect on close combat skills and limitations brought by swimming, climbing or riding while fighting.  In case your players are doing a fighting retreat with the loot it contains the encumbrance modifiers as well. If for some reason the players (or even the NPC's) need to grab a different, perhaps unfamiliar weapon to use - the table contains the modifier rules for those as well. 

I also updated the movement chart with colors - green for earthbound movement, blue for swimming. 



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Updated the main page for all the reference charts for GM Screen with examples of charts https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/rq6-charts-and-tables/

List of charts

. Combat Flow
- Offensive Special Effects (landscape and portrait)
- Defensive Special Effects (landscape and portrait)
- Healing and Wounds
- Diminish Effect on your opponent
- Gloranthan Weapons
- Eastern Weapons
- Shields and Passive Blocking
- Criticals and Difficulty Grade shortcut table
- Close Combat Situational Effects
- Movement and Swimming Effects


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Questing for ultimate GM Screen for RQ6: Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers

In my search for ultimate GM screen for RQ6 I gathered together the ranged combat modifiers into one pager. The pdf exists here



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Combat Special Effects - Mythras Update

The combat special effects for offensive and defensive have been updated to V1.3. This now contains all the effects from Mythras Imperative and the ones from RQ6 updated to Mythras Imperative way of working. Some tweaks to existing ones have been added. Added also house rule for Shift Location that seems to be popular. Mythras Imperative contains really neat Prepare Counter Special Effect that I cannot wait to start using.

Here is the portrait mode for Offensive Special Effects and here the same for Defensive Special Effects. 


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Combat Special Effects updated for Mythras Full Edition

Mythras full edition has been launched a short while ago. It brings quite a few new special effects with it and also small changes from Mythras Imperative. These will be a nice addition to already very smooth and tactical play of Runequest 6.

The game play will be even more interesting with the new Prepare Counter, Remise, Marksman, Pin Down, Drop Foe, Overpenetration and Scar Foe. There are others as well. The new combat cards look to be a cool way to handle the multitude of special effect.

Pay attention to Regain Footing action change as well. Spirit combat looks to be more interesting - have to dive down to that one as well.

Here are the Special Effect GM Screens updated for Mythras Full edition.  Only the portrait versions have been updated for now.

Combat Special Effects for Offence
Combat Special Effects for Defense
All the charts are available here. Old ones will remain available here


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Magic Situational Modifiers

In the hunt for the perfect GM reference material and GM Screen I created reference sheet for spell caster for Magic Situational Modifiers. This gathers all the modifiers for all the forms of Magic into one place. Some of the modifiers are optional - for example wearing armor iron in Glorantha, Monster Island options for orchestrated casting and sympathetic armor. 

As always comments are welcome. The file is available here and of course also in the RQ6/Mythras charts page which collects all the charts I have made available (Combat flow, offensive and defensive special effects, healing and wounds, diminish effects, weapons, shields and passive blocking, close and ranged combat situational modifiers, movement and swimming effects, encumbrance calculator, sorcery tools and Gloranthan ships). 
GM's might also find the RQ/Mythras Encounter Generator useful


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Narrow Spaces and Fighting in Mythras

Inspired by discussion on the forums about oversized weapons I added the rule mentioned in Matt E:'s Old Bones adventure Secrets of the Blood Rock to my weapon charts for Mythras. The rule that was mentioned coming up during the editing of Blood Rock adventure handles the fact that some weapon fighting styles are unwieldy in narrow spaces. This mostly has come up in indoor / city scenarios and would come up more often in classic dungeon crawls.

The rule is in 2.5-3 meter wide corridor.  Characters may walk two abreast in most places. Large swung weapons are at a disadvantage: Except for thrusting weapons like spears, each step of Reach above Medium penalizes Combat Style by one grade. Interpretation is that above Medium reach - you need wider than 3 meter per character to fight unhindered. All weapons that have only Impale special effect are thrusting weapons. Weapon that has more special effects mentioned than Impale - can use Impale as a special effect with no penalty - character is basically using the weapon as a thrusting weapon. If character wants to use for example Bleed - it requires to use the fighting style of slashing etc and that comes with penalty.

This is even more true if there is space less than 1.5 meter. Then each step of Reach above Short penalizes Combat Style by one grade.

For some this may be too crunchy for others an elegant addition to counter the illogicality of using great axes or mauls in narrow spaces with equal skill than shortswords and broadswords.

This has been incorporated into the weapon tables so you do not have to remember the rule - you just pick it up with your weapon and mark it to your character sheet.

and close combat situational modifiers

These rules are not in the Rules as Written but can be an elegant addition - consider them optional.



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Here are some updated charts for Mythras.

New charts:
  • Spirit Combat (Special effects, spirit damage, results)
Updated charts
  • Miscellaneous charts
    • Healing and Wounds Mythras
    • Movement Speed Mythras
  • Special Effects
    • Combat Special Effects Offensive Portrait
    • Combat Special Effects Defensive Portrait
  • Weapons
    • Standard Weapons for Mythras
    • Eastern Weapons
    • Gloranthan Weapons
    • Monster Island Weapons for Mythras
  • Situational Modifiers
    • Mythras Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers
    • Mythras Magic Situational Modifiers
    • Close Combat Situational Modifiers
Updates include
  • Mythras 3rd Printing changes incorporated (for example Drop Foe, Spoil Spell). Page number references corrected to point to correct places in the Mythras
  • Clarifications on Prepare Counter, Grip/grappling and Impale.
  • Some readability issues fixed. The default font has been changed to Baskerville and some charts have Sava Pro
  • On the situational modifiers more used modifiers stand out a bit more clearly
  • The trademark texts fixed





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Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits


Here is a list of many combat style traits that I have adopted or will adopt into my campaign. Currently the list is above 60 traits.

It contains the combat style traits from the following official publications:
  • Mythras Core,  Mythic Rome, AiG, Mythic Constantinople, Monster Island.
In addition to these official ones it contains few from RangerDan's campaign and Raleel's Martial Arts Combat style traits.
The unarmed set alone is quite an expansion to the ones in Mythras Core. The way I am planning to bring the unarmed ones on is to create schools that have some of these available - like the ones that come from Mythic Constantinople. Raleel's set already has several that quite nicely will form a school as they depend on each other.
You will be able to vary your combat styles quite nicely by choosing a small set of "cultural" or brotherhood weapons (1-3) and adding one, maybe two combat style traits on it.
The list is available here

..and it is of course also updated in the Mythras Charts and Tables page




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For the crunchy awesome bits added three new charts 
Crunch Mode in Mythras - Combat Effects of Weapon / Shield Sizes and Reach
Here are some crunchy bits from Mythras. The optional rules for weapon range effects on combat can produce additional tactical choices. To help the tacticians among you to do some optimizing without doing mathematics here are some tables for you
I combined experimentally all the weapon size and reach information to provide easy look up tables for what weapons are effective for closing to short distance or opening to longer distance. The tables should contain all the weapons in Mythras, Monster Island, AiG and the Eastern Weapons charts.
So for example from the "Shorter Weapons Reach" table you can see that if attacker closes in with one handed mace to inside the effective reach of long spear - the long spear user cannot parry and its size is considered to be small (drops two sizes) so the long spear in defense will only stop half the damage.
In addition when the long spear user tries to attack it will give max 1d3+1 damage and its size is reduced by 2 - so even a small weapon will stop all the damage and mace is medium in size. Normally mace could only stop half the damage from long spear.
But if the attacker can keep the attacker at its long range ("Longer Weapon Reach")  - mace can only attack the spear itself while long spear user could use the long spear normally.
This can be quite interesting when attacker closes in to unarmed combat.
I also created a "parry and passive blocking to stop Damage" table to show how various defenders' weapons are effective in blocking the attackers weapon - either in a parry or in passive blocking.
These are included also in the Mythras Charts page
Feedback and play testing / debugging help welcome...
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Healing Charts Refined for Mythras


The Healing and Wounds chart has been revamped. The new version has the Healing & Medicine spirits and Cure Malady Runespell effects added. The spirit rules contain interpretation from the design mechanism forums how one should heal poison with the spirits.

Also the rules page references to Mythras 3rd printing were added.
There was also some tuning for readability.
The new version of the chart is here.

It is also available in the Mythras chart pages. 




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