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Damage modifiers


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There was a thread awhile ago that discussed rewarding players for how well they hit--how well they rolled their percentile dice. I bought the Nightlife rpg a couple of weeks ago

Stellar Games Nightlife and it is a D100 game through and through. It happens to have a very interesting damage modifier rule (at least I think so):

To determine the Damage Modifier for a particular attack, subtract the result of the Combat Skill Roll (CSR) from the score rolled against, divide by 10, and round down. It is usually easier (and quicker) to count off the Damage Modifier by starting at the CSR result and adding 10 until you are within ten of the score rolled against. For example, say that our Combat Skill Score is 72, and we roll a 37. This is a successful attack, so we count off the tens: 47-1, 57-2, 67-3. We stop at 67 because we are within 10 of the Combat Skill Score. Our damage modifier is equal to 3, which we add to the DP of the attack we used.

If the CSR was modified, the modified result is used to determine the Damage Modifier.

Btw, weapons in this game have a fixed value.

Here's another interesting rule (DI means Damage Inflicted):

Projectile Weapons

If the damage from a projectile weapon doesn’t exceed one-half the FIT of the character hit, it lodges inside their body. If, however, the damage does exceed 1/2 FIT, it leaves an exit wound 1” in diameter for every 5 points of DI.

Blade Weapons

Impaling: Will penetrate 2” for every 5 points of DI. The character impaling may have to roll against their STR or have the weapon get stuck.

Slashing: Will leave a wound 2” long for every 5 points of DI. This also applies for attacks with claws.

Blunt Weapons

The splatterpunk effect of blunt weapons is mostly done with sound. When an attack does more damage than 1/2 FIT, describe the sickening sound as flesh is crushed, and the sharp crack of bones breaking. Blunt weapons will also leave a livid bruise or area of split flesh 2” in diameter for every 5 points of DI.

I just thought I'd share this as someone might find it a useful addition to their damage rules. I was thinking that whatever was rolled for damage can be brought up to maximum damage--but no better than max damage--with a better hit (crits still do double damage).

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