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  1. Will the same treatment be given to melee weapons as it is to guns?
  2. So, how do we go about pre-ordering? Can we pre-order the pdf? Btw, since this is a hard sf setting, what are the spaceships like? Are they torch ships, or are the much like what's found in most space opera?
  3. That's because movie effects people don't think a scene will "sell" if there's no sound to go with the action.
  4. I like the suggestion above. I might use it. I think the notion of SAN points is a little silly. You are either insane or you are not. Sure, a person can lose SAN over time, but people usually get over the initial shock and get used to the bizarre things that shook them up to begin with. I know that CoC has rules for that as well. People with more SAN get over shocks faster and better. I was trying to come up with something that emulates that. I was thinking of something like SANx4 or x5 (typical SAN check) and just going by levels, sort of like what you're doing. However, I downloaded the GORE sanity rules from this site, and I think I will look them over again. If you are going to use SAN points, then the difference in dice rolled might be a great way to do things. You could adjust the level from cinematic to gritty depending on what the PC's SAN level is.
  5. As long as it's the completely finished product, I'll probably be making a pre-order soon.
  6. Cool! Makes more sense than my suggestion. I was expecting something like the regular rpgs that group them merely as firearms, melee weapons, etc. While that's fine, it's just easier to pick out the badass weapons for the badass protagonists/antagonists if the weapons are grouped by specific categories I can't wait for this product's release.
  7. Do you know about this supplement?: http://arkhambazaar.com/games/the-mysteries-of-mesoamerica-cofc-sourcebook I'm too lazy today to go through the thread and see if anyone else mentioned it. And, btw, if you haven't seen this, and have an appreciation for silent films, I recommend getting it: http://arkhambazaar.com/films/the-call-of-cthulhu-dvd
  8. I just read your blog and you mentioned what a pain the big list of guns debate was and got a somewhat-related idea. How about classifying the guns by the die type you'd use for their damage (and any modifiers)? Such as: d10 damage [list of guns and ammo plus modifiers for each gun and ammo to the die roll]; d12 damage [list of guns and ammo plus modifiers for each gun and ammo to the die roll]; etc. Hopefully this is a worthwhile. At least it would serve as a rather easy to reference comparison chart (so I think). I realize there's a ridiculous amount of research to making any such list as realistic as possible.
  9. I didn't see anything that I could download. But I like what I see nonetheless. I can't wait for this one to come out as well.
  10. Using percentiles for everything might help keep things more down to earth, regardless of whatever weirdness is actually in the game, in some people's minds. It means that PCs have a chance against the zombie, vampire, serial killer, mutant space alien, etc. without it being too powerful. Which is great for most survival horror scenarios. However, It's just as easy to keep the stats for everything no greater than 18 or 20, as well, so you're right in that there is no benefit. One possible benefit, as in the Outbreak Undead system, is that everything is estimated from one roll. In OU, the degrees of success (every ten points below your chance to hit) tells you how much damage you do. Such as 5d6 for five levels of success. It also tells you how good you did at a task. Thus the better/lower you roll, the more success you have. Admittedly, the benefits are more psychological than anything. I was a degree of success person for a very long time. But I finally realized that there are things easily done in BRP style D100 systems that are difficult for other systems.
  11. Also, will there be weapon charts that have modern weaponry as well as futuristic weaponry? Is there any charts of the OpenQuest system for modern contemporary weaponry?
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