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  1. Yeah, I agree. Fur does get in the way of things. And tentacles do have their special kind of fun.
  2. Maybe you can find out by asking him at the next furry convention.
  3. Unless I'm very mistaken, it's pretty much the only real space opera game BRP has. And who says you have to play as a furry? And if it continues to be an issue, try EFT: EFT Home - World Center for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  4. I would like to see Top Secret come back on the market, again.
  5. After I posted my initial comments, I did some research into FGU and found they have a bad reputation for being really anal about their products--and simply not taking fan requests and such to heart. I was at their website, but I don't remember seeing any 'contact us' links. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FGU
  6. I'm having that same problem. I found a plain text download of all the rules somewhere. Probably tomorrow, when I'm at my own computer, I'll post it. Does someone own it and can you make it into a pdf?
  7. Does anyone know where there is one? This game looks interesting. I actually found one, but I never figured out how to use torrents:mad: FGU Other Suns RPG 1982 Torrent download
  8. Thanks, I will be downloading Conan soon:)
  9. There's a Conan Basic game? Can it be downloaded for free?
  10. Welcome to the forum. Zombie apocalypse happens to be one of my most fave genres:thumb:
  11. Hehe, same with me:D Welcome to the forum:)
  12. Hi, my name is Ben Nehring, and I'm new to the forum. And I'm fairly new to BRP--though I've known about CoC for almost forever and even played a little of it. I've also own a core book. But it's buried deep in storage. I've played some D&D in the 80's. Loved the concept of role-playing, but hated the system. Then my friends and I switched over to Warhammer and we all thought the system was a great deal better. However, over the years I've lost touch with those friends and over the years I've tried to find people who are interested in pen and paper rpgs. Haven't found any I wanted t
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