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Cult of Chaos Gen-Con Panel

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No recording, but I took notes for the Cult of Chaos panel at Gen Con.  Curated by Mike Mason, Jeff Richards, Michael O'Brien, Paul Fricker, and Todd Gardiner.

Talking points:
-Gen Con notes - "Cthulhu 500" non-stop Cthulhu games running the "Dead Boarder" scenario.  An earlier survey showed between 1500-6000 requests for more games at Gen Con only serving roughly 360 players.

-The Cult launched and within a year has grown from 200-1200 folks.  The first organized play campaign, "A Time to Harvest," has been released with good interest and feedback.  The choice for a campaign was to have player investment and knowledge that continues through more than one night.

-The hope of the Cult is to drive new games being run, new content, and new players.

-New Chaos Library with access to Cult members will be driven with user-written scenarios, community feedback, and more exposure.  Emphasis was placed on keeping your rights to uploaded scenarios.  There will be a possibility to submit Library scenarios to Chaosium for publication, with some rights still retained by the user.  Chaosium will also contribute free materials to the Library.

-The hope is that the Library will offer community collaboration in the form of editing/feedback, redrawing maps/artwork, creating player aids/handouts, and conversion to 7th edition.

-Perks for the Cult of Chaos will be better products, opportunities to run convention games, providing prize packs/support for events, and Chaos Bucks (credit for Chaosium store).

-Chaosium will continue to support new edition with new content and revising/updating older scenarios, also for availability.

-Discussed looking into platforms for hosting Call of Cthulhu online (Roll20, Fantasy Grounds), and looking for feedback on what to use and how to support.

-New short demo scenario coming.

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