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Need Help! I screwed up!

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Ok it's chapter 2 of Time to Harvest, and I messed up the encounter on Hangman Hill pretty badly.  The entire group made the trip to meet Block, but they were never in one place.  I felt Laslow would try to eliminate the odd man out who was too chicken too go up the hill, but he rolled poorly for damage, and the PC made his CON save against unconsciousness.  Then Laslow went back up the hill and decided to at least take Block out since he'd betrayed the MiGo.  Well he wasn't able to kill Block, nor was Block able to kill Laslow.  I should have been more heavy handed here, but since I was using Roll20 all the die rolls were public and I felt it was somehow "wrong" to fudge the rolls when I should have killed Block.  Anyway, the PC's all got away safely including Block who is now with them.  Hell they even managed to get the electric gun away from Laslow!  Fortunately one of the PC's decided to chuck it in the river, so that's not going to be a problem.  But now I am scrambling to pick a strategy going forward.  Clearly the other brain swopped students are going to be made aware, and the timetable for eliminating the PC's will have to be stepped up.  I am thinking of keeping Laslow hard after them, using his illusion powers and nightmare powers to make them do dangerous things instead of a direct confrontation, but I could use any advice any other Keeper could offer. 


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This doesn't seem too bad. The meeting on Hangman's Hill was the night before the attack, and the PC's were mostly expected to know about it anyway. I believe you can still run the scenario as written

If the main issue is that Block can now relay full details of the plan, maybe:

  1. Have the agents change up the plan. Or rather, just have Block tell the PC's an older, different plan, with later dates... then run the scenario as normal.
  2. Have Laslow (using invisibility) slip the drug into the PC's food. Have them notice quickly though, so that only one or two PC's are out of commission. Maybe even allow one of those players to play Block instead.
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